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3D printing has been revolutionizing prosthetics by building them cheaper and extra
customizable-bodied. Havenlabs, a nonprofit based out of New York, not long ago launched a GoFundMe campaign to assist fund their undertaking “to turn it into a advantageous upcoming for those who sacrificed so much for both our freedom and our country.” They’re accomplishing this by createing custom prosthetics for American Veterans.

3D printed prosthetic gauntlet of havenlabs

Their firstly prosthetic is an upper limb Utility Gauntlet that aims to be as multifunctional as possible. Different attachments can be swapped into the gauntlet in order to accommodate for day to day activities of eating to driving. It is easily attached via 3D printed elastic bands. And the entire prosthetic costs a mere $10.

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Until not long ago, much like devices were custom fit by a molding system, that is costly and takes a worthwhile amount of time. Havenlabs hopes to complete the same high end in a matter of minutes by via a 3D scanner to exactly version every patient’s limb. Within the firstly five days of their campaign, Havenlabs had raised enough to gain that 3D scanner.

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Today, the group just has access to a single Lulzbot Mini printing device. Whilst it’s proven to be enough for first create work, they are in require of a higher resolution printing device to manufacture finer high end prosthetics that are extra
effortless and can endure day to day use. They plan to use extra
capital raised of their GoFundMe campaign to purchase a Formlabs Form 2 printing device along with enough print material to finish the prototyping phase of their product development.

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Once the gauntlet is finalized, they hope to connect with the patients who may benefit of the project by partnering with a veterans hospital. They in addition have their sights set on a much like prosthetic for lower limb amputees. And, in order to manufacture the prosthetics as accessible as possible, all creates can be open source. Users can be able-bodied to post modifications and add new showcases to additional improve the prosthetics.

Havenlabs’ official website is already under construction, and is expected to be accomplished inside the upcoming few weeks. In the meantime, be certain to check out their Facebook page and join their LinkedIn group. And 3DPI readers in the New York area can watch Havenlabs’ Co-Founder, River Castelonia, present at TEDxManhattanCollege on March 6, 2016.

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