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Havenlabs Continues to Makes Strides with 3D Printed Prosthetics

by • April 4, 2016 • No Comments

  • The initially couple months of a startup are crucial to whether or not it can be a good results. Havenlabs, a young non-profit which seeks to use 3D printing to assist veterans, has been manufacturing excellent progress since its commence in January.

    Co-founder, River Castelonia, not long ago gave an inspiring talk at TEDx Manhattan College. He began by contextualizing his background in academia. A lot of individuals may assume the founder of a tech startup to be a straight ‘A’ student, but this is in no way the case.


    Prior to coming to Manhattan College, River had to retake Calculus 3 not once, not twice, but three times! But, he didn’t let this deter him. Inspiration came of considering back to his grandfather’s stories of the horrors of war, and how he was able-bodied to overcome it. River overcame his past shortcomings, and was able-bodied to thrive as an engineering student at Manhattan College.

    3D printed prosthetic gauntlet of havenlabs

    He explains which being exposed to the college’s 3D printing and scanning innovation got him considering of its application to the medical industry, and of there Havenlabs was born. River closes the talk by posing a question to the audience, “The following time which you fail, can you let which manufacture you a failure?”


    The Havenlabs team has been constantly working to grow and improve their young organization. Since commenceing a GoFundMe campaign in January, they’ve utilized the funds raised to purchase a Formlabs Form 2 printing device. The printing device’s high resolution can enable-bodied the team to turn it into higher high end prosthetics. A couple weeks ago, River in addition guest-starred on the 3D Masterminds Podcast where he provided insight into 3D printing and engineering related issues. To top it all off, the team has attained a scholarship of Google which provides free office space in New York City for summer 2016.

    To store up to date on Havenlabs progress, be certain to check out their Facebook page and join their LinkedIn group.

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