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Have You Got a Big Fragging Gun? Upload & Win the MyMiniFactory/Bethesda Softworks 3D Print Competition

by • April 9, 2016 • No Comments

UntitledWho’s down for a few demon-slaying? There’s nothing we love getting in on additional than a great competition to show off loads of dynamic createing talent—and one thing that we’ve noticed quite gets the juices flowing is the inspiration of an intense video game.

Often, excitement can be huge preceding a new game is actually released, as in the case of the latest Doom game (due out May 13), a fierce initially-person shooter that promises to be not just awe-inspiringly gory but in addition incredibly challenging. As a shooting game, obviously weapons are the focus. With that in mind, to quite get everyone inspired for heading to Mars, as well as yes, the fiery and horrific depths of hell, it’s time to create a whopper of a gun. The music’s pumping, adrenaline is flowing, and a few pretty belligerent demons are headed your way. It is time to take them out initially and as the creators of the game recommend: fight like hell.

496deb61-7a3b-440d-96d6-39a1dc256e2eWith gobs of devil shooting, stomping, and survival in mind, a few of our favourite people over at MyMiniFactory are partnering with Bethesda Softworks for what they promise is going to be a one-of-a-kind competition, inviting you to submit a concept for how your Big Fragging Gun (BFG) or Bio-Force Gun, (or ahem, yet you may refer to it) may appear, and manufacture an thoughts post here. If you’ve played one of the previous adaptations of Doom, you may be acquainted with epic proportions of this gun, and all in for creating your own adaptation.

“This may be anything, of a weapon skin, weapon attachment, or player ID/logo etched into the gun,” says the MyMiniFactory team. “Let your imagination run wild!”

Here is the timeline for the completion, according to MyMiniFactory:Untitled

Idea submissions open – 8th April 2016Idea submissions close – 2nd May 2016Winner revealed – 2nd May 2016

The winner can obtain a 1:1 scale, 3D printed replica of the BFG of the next Triple-A title, Doom, generated by Bethesda Game Studios, one of the main game creators responsible for the initially-person shooter genre, and for games such as Skyrim and Fallout.

The team at MyMiniFactory can 3D print the replica in multiple parts, assemble it, and and so ship it to the winner. You may be surprised to hear that this piece is so complex—they assume it to take 1000 hours to print. Not just that, so that everyone can see precisely how they do it and be a part of the system, they can be live streaming the printing system on MyMiniFactory TV.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Bethesda for this one-of-a-kind contest,” said Romain Kidd, CEO of MyMiniFactory. “It is an awe-inspiring opportunity for fans to get their hands on an iconic piece of gaming history created physical through 3D printing. We can’t wait to see the BFG brought to life!”


Some entry examples

Those entering the competition just require to submit their thoughts for the BFG in the form of a sketch, photo mock-up, or any other details helping to conceptualize this rad weapon. The winner can be chosen by the top number of votes. They encourage you to share it with the #MYBFG3D hashtag.

If your entry meets the easy outlined requirements, it can be hosted by MyMiniFactory.com on the Doom BFG Ideas contest page. To be chosen as the winner, your concept must be awarded the many ‘cheers.’ MyMiniFactory has noted that all thoughts can go live upon ‘validation’ by their team and the Bethesda Community Manager.

“This gun is a monster,” states the MMF team.

Don’t say you weren’t fragging warned!

Do you have a BFG thought? Let’s discuss in the 3D Printed MyMiniFactory BFG Challenge forum over at 3DPB.com.