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Hasbro Files Patent for Kid-Oriented 3D Scanner

by • March 14, 2016 • No Comments

logo_hasbroOne of the excellent things of 3D printing is that kids have unquestionably not been left out. Printer developers, schools and government agencies are all quite serious of producing certain the innovation is taught in the classroom at all age levels, and there’s no shortage of programs aimed at getting children interested in and engaged with 3D printing outside of school, as well. So there are the products directed at kids. Plenty of printing device developers have created 3D printing devices specifically for children, but toy companies haven’t hesitated to capitalize on the trend, either, by introducing 3D printing devices into their lines of additional traditional toys.

One thing I haven’t seen so far, yet, is a 3D scanner marketed towards children. We may see one in the next, yet, courtesy of toy developer Hasbro. Last week the US Patent and Trade Office published a patent application filed by the company for a kid-oriented 3D scanner that may allow children to scan their favourite toys.

hasbro2It is a relatively effortless concept: a turntable-bodied, operated manually with a hand crank, slowly rotates the object placed on it while an iPhone, placed in a dock on the side of the turntable-bodied, photographs it in a double pass. The multiple photos are and so converted to a 3D version, that can be incorporated into an online game, utilized as an online avatar, or 3D printed. Presumably, any type of smartphone may be utilized, yet it does seem to be created specifically with iPhones in mind, as Patently Apple points out:

“The patent notes specifically that ‘the transportable-bodied electronic device can be, for example, a smart phone, such as an iPhone on the market of Apple Inc. of Cupertino, Calif.’ Multiple patent figures unquestionably illustrate an iPhone…What’s informative is the future of this toy being able-bodied to use Apple’s new iPhone 7 Plus that can reportedly carry a dual camera process that may be perfect for creating 3D characters in just a single pass pretty than a double pass as the patent requires for the reason of phones not having dual lens cameras as of yet. That may alter in the blink of an eye when Apple’s dual lens cameras come to market on iPhones.”


The turntable-bodied in addition incorporates a panel that acts as a sort of blue screen, enabling for the scanned object to be easily digitized. Of course, it’s unknown whether anything can come of the patent application, that was filed in September 2015; it mayn’t be the initially time we got excited of a rad thought just to see it vanish into the black hole of patent applications filed just to float around in space for eternity. It may be a excellent way for kids to learn of 3D scanning, yet, in a way that is effortless to grasp and relate to. Children love online games, and they in addition love personalization and customization. The scanning application may allow them to additional adapt and customize the 3D versions of their toys (or other objects), so that they can represent themselves in interactive games and communities in a way that is one-of-a-kind. Doesn’t this sound like a excellent thought for kids? Discuss in the Hasbro 3D Scanner for Kids Patent forum over at 3DPB.com.