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Hangzhou: 2016 Shining 3D Global Partner Summit to Host 77 Experts from 3D Technology Industry

by • July 17, 2016 • No Comments

UntitledWe report on a multitude of shows, conferences, and expos occurring around the world which are relevant to the 3D printing industry, but of July 27-28, experts of around the world can be in attendance, joining their established peers at the 2016 Shining 3D Global Partner Summit in China at Shining 3D‘s new headquarters in Hangzhou. Whilst most of their famous partners are responsible for the continual new releases which we report on, so is Shining 3D, and we’ve been next them not long ago, with 3DPrint.com writers in attendance as they were revealing off their new EinScan-Pro 3D scanner at RAPID 2016, as well as entering into a partnership with new US distributor Afinia 3D.

Now, the numbers are astounding as we see 77 industry experts of 46 companies and 23 countries of to attend this big event. On top of which, they can be offering 15 keynote speeches all regarding 3D scanning and 3D printing innovation, as well as for a discussion on how 3D printing products in China are able-bodied to reach a of the world market.

“3D Printing, as a high-precision high end innovation which can trace back to 1990s, has grown to a new stage after years of development in China,” states Shining 3D in their latest press release.

“The 3D printing products of SHINING 3D have entered into over 70 countries and regions. SHINING 3D is dedicated to developing the 3D Printing Ecosystem of end to end and providing the right solution and service to end users. And now, we hope additional friends around the world join us and turn it into value of 3D scanning to 3D printing.”

UntitledThe summit can start with an introductionand welcome by Shining 3D CEO Mr. Li Tao, discussing:

How SHINING 3D became a major company in 3D digitizing and 3D printing in ChinaAchievements and goals of the companySHINING 3D international policy, etc.

Following which can be three workshops, as follows.

Untitled3D Scanner & 3D Printer Workshop – Here, representatives of Aniwaa, 3D Printing Systems, Geopoints-3Dscanservice, and additional can be on hand to discuss most facets of 3D scanning and 3D printing, to include development and new applications. Byan Hu, sales manager of Somos, can discuss how to work on accelerating development of 3D printing products in terms of materials.

The Dental Workshop – Recognizing how significant 3D innovation is becoming in the dental industry, this workshop focuses on the popularity of the intraoral 3D scanner, as well as digital implanting and digital tooth producing technologies.

UntitledProfessor Edward Yau of Taiwan University can commence how to connect intraoral 3D scanning with CTs to progress additional with digital implanting and orthodontic treatment. Shining 3D technicians can in addition be at the workshop, explaining additional of their full set of dental solutions for 3D scanning, 3D create, and 3D printing.

The User and Marketing Workshop –

At this workshop, Shining 3D sets up a session for star users.

Untitled“Co-founders who have a deep research for 3D scanning and 3D printing can share how they get additional exposure for their brand, create on the strategy, and complete their business goals.”

This section can work as a complement to the technical and pro workshops.

The CTO of Tenyoun 3D can speak of the ‘secrets of Shining 3D’s newest industrial 3D scanning innovation and detailed applications,’ and Mr. Li can in addition speak again at the event regarding all of the advantages, applications and use cases of SLA 3D printing equipment in various industries, to include discussions on:

Metal parts rapid making of the Shining 3D SLS/SLM machineApplication cases for metal parts makingIntegrated solutions of 3D printing and 3D scanning

Would a few of these workshop topics interest you? Discuss in the 2016 Shining 3D Global Partner Summit forum over at 3DPB.com.



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