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Hackers Can Easily 3D Print Your House Keys Now – Gizmodo UK

by • January 17, 2016 • No Comments

A development in the 3D printing and hacking and burglary fields should manufacture it simpler than at any time for someone to break into your house, eat your food, poo in your sink and so leave, with a new process promising the skill to 3D print a blank door key eager for shaping by just scanning a photo of a lock.
That is the claim of the KeysForge process, which, actually if just fed a basic smartphone resolution image, is apparently able-bodied to manufacture a passable-bodied stab at backwards-working the structure of the lock and fashioning a CAD file to be 3D printed in the material of your choosing.
The manufacturer explains: “We find which commodity 3D printing devices are able-bodied to create key blanks and pre-cut keys with adequate resolution to work in sat any timeal commjust utilized pin-tumbler locks and which their material is sturdy adequate to endure the requirements to perform the aforementioned attacks.”
Seeing as the just thing we require for entertainment these days is a smartphone, it is not going to matter if someone breaks in and steals the TV. Pretty soon we’ll all live in capsules, like in The Matrix, holding a phone in front of our faces of birth to death, while being fed blended toast through a pipe.
So yes, forget of the door lock. Leave it open. [The Register]
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