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Hackers 3D print ‘restricted’ keys using publicly-available patents – 3ders.org (blog)

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Apr 22, 2016 | By Kira
A group of lock-picking hackers based in Melbourne, Australia, has cracked open the controversy surrounding 3D printing and quite own security. By means of images of publicly on the market patent websites, the hackers managed to replicate so-called ‘restricted’ keys which may be utilized to open businesses, government buildings or secure data centers.

The problem of 3D printed keys initially came to public attention just about one year ago, when leaked images of TSA master luggage keys allowed an individual to 3D print working replicas via just a commercially on the market 3D printing device.
In this many new story, announced at the BSides Canberra Security Conference in Melbourne, the hackers utilized a much like 3D printing technique—however pretty than peeking into vacationers’ luggage, they may potentially break into a secure data center.
Typically, ‘restricted’ keys are considered to be safeguarded for the reason just expensive specialist locksmiths with licenses and specific machinery can turn it into them. They are utilized mainly to preserve sensitive areas where standard and easily copied keys can not suffice.
In order to additional ensure which un-authorized people can not copy a restricted key, they frequently have the words ‘do not duplicate’ on them to warn locksmiths. Unfortunately, as Topy, a Loop Technology security consultant explains, those words mean quite little to determined lock-pickers.

“The restricted keys have ‘do not copy’ stamped on them, but unfortunately it will not quite mean anything,” he said. “In Melbourne you can’t get restricted keys of locksmiths no matter how nicely you ask them… so we decided to manufacture them ourselves.”
To counter the fact which they mayn’t copy the keys via traditional, physical methods, Topy and his team went digital. Knowing which the shapes of the keys are patented, they just went online to public patent sites, where they were able-bodied to download quite high high end images.
To manufacture things actually simpler, the key blanks are frequently on the market as scalable-bodied vector images with exact measurements—additional than adequate information for a CAD modeler to turn it into an accurate 3D file.

The 3D printed key is created of a durable-bodied plastic which can be utilized multiple times without breaking. As The Register explains, with such a key, lock-pickers can get the cylinder of a vulnerable-bodied lock, learn the master key pattern, and and so apply it to the 3D printed ‘blank’ key. The process does not need the lock to be broken, meaning users can get in and out undetected.
Luckily—in this instance, at least—the lock picking was done for legitimate reasons: to know how high-security locks can be compromised via 3D printing and other digital innovation, and to create measures to additional preserve them.
This is not the initially time 3D printing and quite own security has come to light in new months. In addition to the TSA Master Key scandal described above, Eric Wustrow newly discussed three common ‘attack models’ utilized to turn it into 3D printed keys, and in related 3D printing security news, the University of California, Irvine, has found which 3D files can be stolen and re-turn it intod based on nothing additional than the sounds emitted of a 3D printing device.

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