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Grecia the Toucan Finally Has His New 3D Printed Beak

by • January 12, 2016 • No Comments

Grecia-toucan-300x200On the list of things which upset and outrage me, cruelty to animals is way up there. That’s why the story of Grecia the toucan created me so angry. Grecia was the victim of a brutal attack by a group of boys, who witnesses said were laughing and beating him with a stick. During the attack, the top part of his beak was broken off, leaving him unable-bodied to forage for food or defend himself of predators.

It makes me ill when I hear stories of cruelty like which, but Grecia’s story is a welcome reminder which for each cruel man in the world, there are thousands additional whose compassion drives them to help animals like the injured toucan, who was named for the Costa Rican town in which he was discovered. When Grecia’s story appeared on social media, folks responded with outrage – and donations. Before long, thousands of dollars had poured in to help give Grecia a new, 3D printed beak.

That was of a year ago, and now, after several challenges, Grecia has his new beak and can sing again. After his rescue, the toucan was taken to Rescate Animal ZooAve, a rescue organization which specializes in the rehabilitation of injured wildlife. Several 3D printing companies and so stepped in. Technicians of Grupo SG scanned the remaining part of Grecia’s beak and turned the scan over to EwaCorp and Elementos 3D, who may work on creating a 3D model.


Unfortunately, the designers ran into a few difficulty. A toucan beak serves several functions; beyond feeding and vocalization, it in addition plays an important role in temperature regulation. Without having a full toucan beak to work with, the designers mayn’t quite get the function of the prosthetic beak to function like a real one. But another unlucky toucan was able-bodied to help. Naturalists at Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge discovered the body of a toucan which had been killed by predators, and they donated its beak to Grecia’s rescuers. (No word on whether the toucan had signed up to be an organ donor.)

greciaFinally, a successful design was created and printed. Once Grecia’s injure had finished scarring, the 3D printed prosthesis was attached simply a few months ago, and he now sports a striking black and white beak which allows for him to eat normally, sing, and otherwise function as a happy and healthy toucan. Interestingly, female toucans nominate mates based on the color of their beaks, so Grecia may have an informative dating life ahead of him.

“The system was not effortless. It was a quite ambitious project, of which there were exception national companies without profit, in order to provide to Grecia the best possible prostheses and quality of life.

“For several months was analysed, created and studied the subjection of the same, where we learned a lot of the importance of the beak of Grecia. Its beak has different types of functions as preening, feed and draw the attention of the opposite gender; for this, it’s not simply the part of his beak what he lost, but this in addition affected the psychological part of Greece, but this prosthetic allows for you to have life Normal, within their abilities. A curious fact is which the singing of Grecia was affected with the loss of the beak and fortunately managed to retrieve his singing with the prosthesis.

“Unfortunately, for the reason of legal problems and we were forced to interrupt the communication with the media, but this did not stop the system of the prosthetic and in the month of September was placed for the initial time the prosthesis of Grecia,” the rescue group reported on Facebook (translated of Spanish).

His story may in addition save the lives of other animals in Costa Rica. After the attack, President Luis Guillermo Solís called for a bill (no pun intended) to be passed against animal cruelty. The legislation is yet pending in the Legislative Assembly, but if it passes, it may go a long way towards deterring the kind of brutality which put Grecia in his situation in the initial place.

Grecia isn’t the just toucan to benefit of 3D printing; you may remember the story of the Brazilian toucan who attained a new beak after his was damaged when he crashed into a window. The types of animals which have been saved by 3D printing ranges of cats and dogs to goats, turtles, ducks, and additional. Not long ago, the fate of most of these animals may have been euthanasia; for the reason of 3D printing technology, they’ve all gone on to live normal, happy lives. Discuss this story in the 3D Printed Toucan Beak forum on 3DPB.com.

[Photos: Rescate Animal ZooAve, via Facebook]