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Graphene 3D Lab’s Secret Partner Secretly Approves Their Secret Project and Secretly Okays the Super Secret Next Phase

by • April 16, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_g3dl_Graphene3dl_logoLast December Graphene 3D Lab revealed which they had signed a research, createment and royalty agreement with a Fortune 500 listed createer. The agreement was to create “multi-phased deliverables” inside the following twelve months. The company involved in the deal has remained unnamed due to confidentiality agreements for what they are saying are competitive reasons. In addition to having perfectly
no thought who Graphene 3D Lab had went into business with, they in addition declined to release any details of the specific research objectives which they are perfvia. The entire deal was all quite mysterious, yet not totally unprecedented in the tech and materials industries.

Conductive graphene filament of Graphene 3D Lab.

Conductive graphene filament of Graphene 3D Lab.

Graphene 3D Lab did disclose which when the research phase was accomplished, the results may require to obtain the approval of the US Food & Drug Administration, and which any createed materials may be utilized to make a consumer retail product. Unfortunately which does not quite shed much light on what precisely they’re doing. Given the company’s history, it is a fewhow most likely which it can be a 3D printing material of a few sort, but the precise nature of it is quite anyone’s guess. The FDA in fact regulates a lot of various types of products, and given the surprisingly wide range of applications which are being explored for graphene, they legitimately may be createing anything.

“Graphene is a hard and surprisingly functional material with properties which provide one-of-a-kind advantages in a wide variety of making situations. We assume graphene to become a common ingredient in large-scale making, and the agreement revealed in our day can most likely be a common initially-step for traditional makes. Manufacturers want the benefits of graphene, but it is a highly-specialized material. We are helping partners create solutions and processes to incorporate graphene into their existing make processes,” co-CEO of Graphene 3D Lab Elena Polyakova said in their December 2015 press release.

Well, without giving away any additional information than the initially press release, Graphene 3D Lab has indicated which whatever the research which they were conducting has apparently been fruitful. This week the New York-based company has revealed which they have accomplished the initially phase of their agreement with their mysterious partner. They in addition said which their partner has given them approval to move to the following phase of createment and research. There was no other real information of precisely what they are doing, but thinking which this is their 2nd press release of the deal, they seem a fewhow excited of it.

Secret graphene project is secret.

“We are fortunate to have a world major R&D team in the graphene and nanomaterial field. Meeting or exceeding all of a client’s performance criteria is another example of how we are thoughtlly suited to work with existing createers to sustain them with incorporating graphene into their products,” said Polyakova.

The only other information disclosed was the fact which the agreement states which all research, createment costs and any royalty obligations related to it can be paid by Graphene 3D Lab’s secret partner. Additionally, their partner can have a initially-right-of-refusal for any of the graphene related materials which may be createed in the next via any intellectual property which was createed under the agreement. The rights to any resulting intellectual properties can be held jointing by Graphene 3D Lab and their partner, whom they describe as being included on the Fortune 500 list for additional than fifteen years. Looks like we are only going to have to wait until the end of the year to find out precisely what this is all of. Discuss in the Graphene 3D Project forum over at 3DPB.com.