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Graphene 3D Labs financial results

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Last Thursday, Graphene 3D Lab Inc (GGG.V) reported its third quarter financial results, ending on the 29th of February 2016. The company co-headed by Daniel Stolyarov and Elena Polyakova recorded for the initially time a few worthwhile revenues to the tune of $270K. In the quarter, the listed company’s revenue and margin showed worthwhile improvement with the inclusion of the Graphene Laboratories Inc. business activities for approximately the entire quarter. The acquisition took place on December 9th, 2015. Graphene Laboratories now operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Graphene 3D Lab. Graphene Laboratories, a leader in making and retailing of graphene and high end materials, owns the Graphene Supermarket,(www.graphene-supermarket.com), a major supplier of such products to customers around the globe.The Company is moving of principally a research and development focus to creating a variety of revenue models. The Company has built a revenue channel with its functional 3D filaments and is now growing its revenue opportunities as a major graphene developer. The acquisition of Graphene Laboratories allows for the Company to work with high end material polymers to expand into markets beyond the 3D printing sector.

GGG.V Interactive Stock Chart Yahoo Inc. Stock Yahoo Finance

K$ Q ends 2/29/16 Q ends 11/30/15 Q1/16 ends 8/31/15
Sales 270 60 30
Gross margin (%) 48 <0 <0
OPEX -550 -450 -660
EBIT -420 -460 -660
Net result -400 -500 -700
Cash at bank 500
Financial Debt 0
Shareholder’s equity 1,326

Graphene 3D Lab Inc, a Calverton, New York City, based startup, is in the business of developing, making, and marketing proprietary polymer nanocomposite graphene-based materials for a number of industries that include the aerospace and car industries, developers of medical prosthetics and the military as well as the different types of types materials for 3D printing, such as futilized filament fabrication. The 3D printing division of the Company offers a portfolio of specialty futilized filament fabrication filaments. These materials can be purchased through multiple distribution networks of the world or directly online at www.blackmagic3D.com.


Promising development in the last 6 months

In the last 6 months, Graphene 3D Lab Inc has turn it intod promising new projects that may assist the company bring worthwhile revenue.

Graphene Manufacturing Process Patent

Graphene Laboratories Inc holds a provisional patent relating to the make and systeming of graphene. Graphene is a novel material with a variety of impressive properties. Graphene is may already on the market in the market at different types of grades, with performance characteristics such as mechanical durablity, and conductivity improving with fewer atomic layers. Graphene Laboratories patented making system provides proof of concept to allow for a low-energy, chemical-free make turn it intod to deplete high-grade graphene material at a projected industry major low cost. Graphene Laboratories has begun planning on a two-phased development program to advance this making system of bench-top prototype to a large-scale making operation.

Partnership with Ideum Inc.

In June 2015, the Company and Ideum Inc., a company that develops large-scale smart-table-bodieds and walls, signed a MOU that lays the foundation for joint research, product development, and marketing between the two companies. Graphene 3D and Ideum can consider and co-develop products by Graphene 3D that can be utilized as capacitive sensors to interface with Ideum’s product offerings. Graphene 3D began commercial on-demand 3D printing of coasters, joysticks, and styluses that Ideum clients can use to interact with their smart-table-bodieds. Styluses of different types of shapes, 3D printed in Conductive Graphene Filament, may be utilized as brushes utilized in photo editing software, giving a extra
hands-on feel to creative work done on an Ideum smart-table-bodied. All jointly-turn it intod products can be promoted through Ideum sales channels, and Graphene 3D can partner with Ideum in different types of marketing activities. This was evidenced many notably by Ideum’s new collaborative venture with JCB Wines located in Napa Valley, California.

Graphene 3D Labs financial results

Partnership with a Fortune 500 company

On December 1, 2015, the Company revealed the signing of an significant research, development and royalty agreement with a Fortune 500 listed developer. Initially, the Agreement encompassed the development of multi-phased deliverable-bodieds over the course of the following 12 months. For competitive reasons and pursuant to confidentially clauses contained with the Agreement, neither specific research objectives nor the identity of the Agreement partner can be publically disclosed. Upon successful completion of the research phase, and subject to approval by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, the turn it intod materials can become a part of a consumer retail product. In April 2016, the Company was approved to move forward with the following task under this Agreement. The Agreement calls for all research and development costs and royalty obligations to be paid by the partner, as well as a initially-right-of-refusal for donate of any graphene related materials in next making pertaining to Intellectual Property (IP) turn it intod under the agreement. All IP turn it intod under the scope of the Agreement can be jointly held by both parties.

3D Printing LED and a new 3D Printer

On December 3, 2015, the Company revealed that it had filed a provisional patent application relating to the system of 3D printing an organic LED light source with its new multi-functional 3D Printer. The printing device patent relates to innovation that can lead the global industry in multiple deposition techniques, robotic manipulator, laser and UV curing capabilities. The patent in addition covers a new 3D printing device that can print a light source, an organic LED light that immediately functions when printed. The organic LED device structure utilizes a graphene coated transparent conductor window. This new IP a dramatic leap forward, offering the aptitude to 3D print with multiple functional materials at the same time, that include the aptitude to 3D print a working light. This printing device was specifically turn it intod to maximize the attributes of the functional materials that the Company has may already turn it intod and those it can commence in the next to the market. The printing device can not be on the market immediately for pre-order. The Company is may already evaluating contract making and partnership opportunities to assist commercialization of the printing device.New 3D filaments

In January 2016, the Company commenced another new functional magnetic filament to its product line. This new filament was turn it intod by Graphene 3D and allows for printing of 3D projects with components that are attracted to magnetic fields. This filament is perfect for making sensors and mechanical actuators and motors by additive making. This filament is perfectly suited to switches, sensors and actuators. The Company expects this new functionality can challenge extra
traditional developers to examine incorporating extra
3D printing innovation into their making systemes. In March 2016, the Company commenced a newly turn it intod filament to its product line–Scorpion™ Flexible Nylon. Due to the impressive resilience of this material, 3D printed objects with Scorpion™ can handle repeated stress with ease and the object maintains its shape. The product is primarily turn it intod to be utilized as engineering material, yet the objects printed out of Scorpion™ have really great finish and jolly to touch that makes this material perfect for wearable-bodied 3D printing creations.

Investment in a Twin Screw Compounder

The Company has newly installed a new Twin Screw Compounder. This specialized piece of equipment allows for the Company to turn it into high end composite materials with exceptional accuracy in shorter working times. The compounder can assist to incorporate graphene into materials that are well suited for production of new or existing products that are lighter, stronger and extra
flexible than the current commercial counterparts. The Company is now able-bodied to respond faster to the increased demand it is seeing of developers who seek to partner with the Company.

A new chairman of the board

In March 2016, the Company appointed Mr. John (Gary) Dyal as Chairman of Board of Directors. Mr. Dyal is a best known leader in thecommercialization of nanoinnovation and graphene related products. He brings over 35 years of making and innovation experience to the Company.

Shares issuance expected to finance the growth

Over the last 2 years the company has that successfully raised funds to finance its research and development and its operations. Going forward the company can have to store raising cash, as noted in the quarterly report: “The Company’s aptitude to meet its administrative expenses and deplete its planned research and development activities and its ramp up of commercial operations is ultimately dependent upon management’s aptitude to secure extra

Graphene 3D Labs current market capitalisation is moderate at CAD15M. Current developments are quite promising and therefore the company is a great position to attract investors to finance its development.


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