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Graphene 3D Lab Introduces New, Powerful Magnetic Filament

by • January 18, 2016 • No Comments

logo (7)It is been a few weeks since we’ve written of Graphene 3D Lab, which is kind of unusual; since their inception in 2014, they’ve been steadily pumping out new product after new product, patent application after patent application. The 3D printing industry, and the innovation industry in general, has been buzzing of graphene as a “miracle material,” and Graphene 3D Lab has been way out in front of eachone else in the race to begin printing with it. They haven’t yet turn it intod a pure graphene filament, but they have incorporated the material into several of their products, which include a conductive graphene/PLA composite filament.

BM3D-175-MAG-4TIn addition to working with graphene, the company has turn it intod a line of filaments in a variety of specialty materials, which include wood, glow in the dark, and, of course, conductive. Their latest product is a magnetic filament, which is now on the market of Graphene 3D Lab’s filament keep, BlackMagic3D, as well as of Amazon. Made of a ferro-magnetic PLA material, the iron-based filament is mentioned as being perfect for 3D printing industrial components such as sensors, motors and mechanical actuators.

“It has always been the objective of Graphene 3D to turn it into new opportunities for 3D printing. With each functional filament we commence to the market, the types of 3D projects which can be that successfully printed expands exponentially,” said Elena Polyakova, Co-CEO of Graphene 3D. “As this filament is perfectly suited to switches, sensors and actuators, we in addition assume this new functionality can challenge additional traditional manufacturers to examine incorporating additional 3D printing innovation into their making processes.”

The magnetic filament is on the market in 1.75 mm diameter, in 350-gram quantities for $39.99. The color is flat black, giving printed objects a cast iron appearance. Because of the iron content, the filament is additional brittle and abrasive than standard PLA, so assume a few increased wear on your nozzle; Graphene 3D Labs suggests doing a initially level adjustment and via a sizeabler or wear-resistant nozzle for longer prints. Unlike other iron products, yet, it’s unlikely to rust.

GIF magnetic demonstration full screen

The filament quite does carry a powerful magnetic charge; for most results, Graphene 3D Labs recommends via neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) or samarium cobalt (SmCo) magnets with it. The filament prints at a temperature of 215° to 225° Celsius; a heated bed can be utilized at 60° but is not required. Print speed is of 60 to 80 mm/s.

BM3D-175-MAG-2TBesides the numerous industrial applications the filament is assumeed to lend itself to, it has a lot of future in education. Magnets are fun by themselves, but having kids 3D print their own magnets is another excellent way to incorporate 3D printing into science classes. And Graphene 3D Labs is not done yet.

“We assume 2016 to be a worthwhile year for Graphene 3D in terms of introducing new functional filaments,” said Daniel Stolyarov, Co-CEO. “We have several new functional filaments in the development pipeline and we assume to release several new filaments throughout the year. Availability of a sizeable selection of functional 3D printing materials ensizeables the capabilities of additive making enabling you to print projects which can just be limited by your imagination.”