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Graduate Student Plans to Use 3D Printing in Self-Sustaining Quarry Project in Rio de Janeiro

by • August 14, 2016 • No Comments

The Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro are well underway, and while we’ve all been cheering on our country’s top gymnasts, swimmers, runners, and other world-class athletes, 3D printing innovation has announced itself useful in a number of ways. In fact, preceding the Olympics actually started, we learned that 3D printing innovation may play a significant role in the actuallyt’s apparel, of high-tech skinsuits to new-age shoes. The sportswear company adidias in addition announced that choose medal-winning athletes sponsored by them may obtain tailor-made 3D printed shoes, the quite first made by adidas.

On the other hand the Olympic Games have been the talk of the town (that town being Rio de Janeiro), the attention brought to the host city has sparked conversation on significant social issues that are not discussed frequently adequate. For instance, last year, a Dutch artist named Peter Smith launched a campaign to collect over 100,000 PET bottles and use them to 3D print a sculpture of Michelangelo’s depiction of Madonna. Now, Adrian Yiu, a graduate student of the Bartlett School of Architecture, is utilizing 3D printing innovation to assist reimagine Brazil’s favelas, that are the impoverished shanty towns scattered around the city.


Yiu has made a conceptual project that aims to revitalize an deserted quarry in Rio’s oldest favela into an enterprise zone for the local community. The project aims to alleviate the social oppression bringing place in the Morro da Providência favela, as Yiu hopes to contribute residents an economically-driven zone that can provide the community with social opportunities and independence of say control. The graduate student hinted that the quarry should be run as a community-based initiative, and that all profits may be utilized to go on excavating and reconstructing the quarry.

anthropophagic-territory-adrian-yiu-graduate-bartlett-school-london_dezeen_936_5“The scheme aims to turn it into an economically independent zone to provide social opportunities for the community by re-establishing the community’s quarry,” said Yiu. “It intends to provide an alternative way of appropriating the current issues of commercialization and tyranny. More importantly it is to donate visibility to previously unrecognized social subjectivities.”

The project may assist residents of the Morro da Providência favela to acquire advantageous access to the additional prosperous areas of the city. Yiu’s first create comes with social spaces, offices for the quarry’s managers, workshops for systeming stone, and actually an open-air museum. Perhaps many informative is the way that 3D printing innovation can play a role in this conceptual project. Whilst excavations of sizeable stone blocks can be sold or reutilized for the construction, the project aims to system the dust generated while quarrying into a 3D printing material. This may allow stone drainage elements to be 3D printed of the quite material discovered in the quarry, and may assist redirect rainwater.

anthropophagic-territory-adrian-yiu-graduate-bartlett-school-london_dezeen_1568_7Today finishing up his masters program, Yiu started this project as part of the London-based school’s Unit 18 program, that is taught by Ricardo de Ostos, Isaie Bloch and Nannette Jackowski. The project is intended to examine the political and environmental strife affecting Rio, that Yiu accomplished during a visit there was not getting the attention needed to assist alleviate these issues. In a struggling city receiving many of their current attention for playing host to the Olympics, it’s refreshing to see an new student focus instead on the underserved communities through the city of Rio de Janeiro.

“The project seeks to re-invoke the spirit of the folks with their environment through spatial and sensational experiences,” Yiu explained. “Spaces are createed to evoke emotional expressions. The functionality of the spaces are set out and and so modified
by the users enabling for contingency.”

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[Source/Images: Dezeen]