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Gorilla Maker Keeps Local Values Close & Local Workers Closer – 3D Printing Industry

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When considering of big tech industry headquarters, specifically ones specializing in 3D printing innovation, one’s mind usually leans in the direction of the futuristic glass complexes in California’s Silicon Valley. But, one 3D printing innovator, making worthwhile waves in the industry, is headquartered a bit east of the tech mecca, in the Bluegrass say. Innovative 3D printing giant Gorilla Maker calls Verona, Kentucky home and shares a fence with an farm instead of a tech skyscraper.
A veteran in most sectors, Glenn Warner is no stranger to the ins and outs of running a business. He’s now discovereded another venture with Gorilla Maker, only additional proving his expertise in both entrepreneurship and integrity. Taking tremendous pride in the company’s Kentucky roots, Warner ascertains an unwavering American spirit can be discovered in every of his products. All Gorilla Maker products are proudly shipped locally and nationally, and are completely assembled on their home turf. According to the North Kentucky Tribune, the now-leading developer “started [three years ago] in the kitchen of Glenn and his wife and co-owner Shelley’s home and took a few months to turn a profit.” Currently, in a astonishing feat, Gorilla Maker “produces additional than a dozen machines a month.”
Gorilla Maker stands out in its dedication to insourcing, community involvement and customer service. To demonstrate a few of these values, every customer is provided with in-depth training and instructions of their purchase, ensuring that actually novices can feel confident in their work on a Gorilla Maker printing device. As evidenced in the Intel video at a lower place, that highlights the products’ intel core processors, every printing device is encertaind to be durable and stable. Some of Gorilla Maker printing devices’ distinguishing showcases moreover the relatively low price tag, are their anti-stick printing plates and a three-year warranty. Additionally, the folks behind the machines remain only as significant as the machines themselves. Warner hopes to expand his space in order to allow additional opportunities for locals to join in on the 3D printing fun.
Outside of the office, Gorilla Maker is in addition active inside their tiny Kentucky community. Partnering with local schools, libraries and community organizations, they hope to go on to promote the importance of problem-solving and creativity. Warner in addition told the North Kentucky Tribune of an next trip to Kentucky State University, where he plans to “tevery students basic business and making skills, such as managing internal communication, remaining organized and performing assembly tasks.”
Gorilla Maker in addition encourages customers to use their products with a philanthropic spirit. Warner not long ago posed an initiative to gather local schools in an effort to 3D print low cost fans in weight quantities, that may and so be donated to a few of the world’s hottest areas. Showcasing his truly global mindset, Warner asked, “How rad is it that 3D printing can alter the life of a fewone in another country, and how rad is it that kids in [America] may be part of that movement?”
For additional information of Gorilla Maker’s new creations and services, be certain to visit their website; and remain up to date on all news of Gorilla Maker through 3D Printing Industry’s newsletter.

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