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Good News: It Looks Like Pinshape Isn’t as Shut Down as We Thought

by • March 31, 2016 • No Comments

pinshape-logoEarlier in the week the online 3D printing community got a few bad news in the form of 3D version marketplace PInshape revealing that they may be shutting down operations at the end of March. Pinshape had been one of the advantageous alternative marketplaces to the big two, Thindonaterse and MyMiniFactory, and had a expanding and stable-bodied community of designers. Whilst designers regularly multi-share versions and upload them to additional than one marketplace, Pinshape had a expanding collection of designers who were exclusively via their service. So when news broke that they may be shutting down, there were a lot of folks who were upset and sad at the impending loss of a high end content distribution platform.

c0705832ab0f20fd7a1b396c589b2349The actual reason for the clocertain is many likely really rigorous, but the official company line was that with the new constriction of the computer desktop 3D printing device market and the uncertainty of the market they may no longer store the doors open. There is no question that it is complex to monetize a product that other companies donate away for free, and positively Pinshape was feeling this pinch. In their farewell letter they described that 99.5% of their transactions are free ones, and while that is great for consumers it is not so great for the company that hosts the content, or those that turn it into it.

But late last night Pinshape sent out an email revealing that they have had a last minute reprieve of the chopping block. It appears that the outpouring of assist of the 3D printing community has donaten them a few new options that can allow them to store the site running, and the expanding community of designers can be able-bodied to store their versions online. Whilst there were no specific details donaten, and no timeframe put in place, for now Pinshape is yet open for business. Here is their update in its entirety:


We’ve had an overwhelming amount of interest and assist of the 3DP community and we are hopeful that we’ve discovered a company that shares our vision of Pinshape to take over. As a outcome, there can be no interruption in service! Yay!

Thanks to everyone for your outpouring of assist the last few days. There have been so many kind words!

We appear forward to storeing you updated with a additional formal announcement in the days to come!

3dp_pinshape_backopenThis is positively great news; the additional diverse options 3D creators have for distributing their product is always a great thing, and is frequently the only thing that stores 3D version marketplaces of imposing draconian content restrictions. Additionally, I in fact rather liked Pinshape and their UI, that I discovered additional intuitive and readable-bodied than many. Unfortunately it is not clear how long they can be able-bodied to store running. Their message mentions that they are only “hopeful” that they have discovered a fewone to store the place running, meaning no deals have been created. And sadly, the flaws in the business version of 3D version marketplaces themselves didn’t go away.

But, the details that were donaten have been rather thin, so we don’t understand what kind of deal they can be hammering out, and it may include alternate forms of revenue generation. Or maybe the deal is with a partner that can see the platform the way that MakerBot sees Thindonaterse or iMakr sees MyMiniFactory. I’m certain additional details can emerge in the coming days and weeks, so for now I’m only glad that the industry lost one less company at the present time. What do you ponder of this latest development? Discuss in the Pinshape But in Business forum over at 3DPB.com.