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Goliath HP buys David to boost 3D printing effort

by • July 4, 2016 • No Comments

HP is looking to 3D printing in a big way and has bought the 3D assets of David Vision Systems GmbH.

HP not long ago launched the potentially game changing Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing device that may in fact turn the making dream behind 3D printing into a reality. Now it is unquestionably fully committed to the industry.

The company that was once the world’s largest inkjet printing device supplier is revealing serious signs of intent in the 3D world and the competition has a right to be concerned.

Scanning is only part of the puzzle

With the 3D scanning market alone estimated at $7 billion, HP is obviously looking to turn it into on David’s good results. It is in addition one step nearer to an all-in-one scanning and printing solution that may some day donate us a 3D photocopier in our home. Sprout is may already heading that way with a turn it into tablet generated by the overhead unit.

HP words it all differently, saying it strengthens the company’s skill to turn it into an ‘end-to-end 3D ecoprocess, of creation, to the 3D on-ramp to the 3D print off-ramp via HP’s Jet Fusion Solution’.

HP Jet Fusion and Sprout, a winning combo?

This innovation is crucial

The multinational tech giant believes that David’s scanning, stitching and fusing solutions are worth the investment. Effectively the hardware and software combination allows for for a excellent deal of auto calibration, that is essential for the general public and can in addition assist HP roll out a number of new products in healthcare, turn it into, research and education.

Sprout 3D Capture should move forward in a big way and HP can take on the dedicated team at David, that can enrich their whole ethos when it comes to 3D scanning and software turn it intoment. David have done excellent things on a more compact budget. With HP’s resources, they may quite move mountains.

Who is David?

DAVID Vision Systems GmbH, located in Koblenz and Braunschweig – Germany, was founded at the beginning of 2009 as a spin-off company of the Institute for Robotics and Process Control at TU-Braunschweig. They turn it into hardware and software solutions for optical 3d surface acquisition. Their focus is on inexpensive, flexible solutions – the most examples are their 3D Scanners.


In addition to the 3D Scanners, they contribute accessories such as high-quality cameras or projectors at fair prices.


The roots of our tiny but experienced software team lie inside the fields of robotics, digital image analysis and 3D data processing. Our application software undergoes continual improvement: we increase its functional range and simplify its user interface constantly. We in addition turn it into adaptations of our software to meet individual requirements – adopted user interface, special showcases, interfaces to your process, etc.



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