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Going Big at drupa: Düsseldorf Visitors to See First Public Demo of Massivit 3D 1800 3D Printer

by • April 18, 2016 • No Comments

logo1-300x137Three letters come to mind when we hear of the Massivit 3D 1800 printing device: BIG. It is safe to say the name most likely belies this may aleager, enabling for a printing device that is not really much like to another machine or typical in any way. And this should be really obvious as they show off this absorbing and powerful 3D printing technology at drupa 2016, one of the hottest expos known for print media—and obviously typically known for offerings only limited to the 2D realm. Held this year in Düsseldorf, Germost of May 31st through June 10th, the Massivit 3D printing device should complement this year’s drupa focus on the ‘technologies of tomorrow’ really well.

We’ve been next this Israeli company for a few time now, with a team comprising, cumulatively, decades of relevant experience inside the industry, and founding Massivit 3D in 2013. From unveiling their Gel Dispensing Printing system (GDP) technology and printing a Strati car last year to printing off lifesize statues in half a work day—to partnering with key players in the US, exporting their GDP technology—and the initially Massivit 1800 system—to Brooklyn, this company continues to evolve in their undertaking for transforming 3D printing for those who want to manufacture attention-grabbing, astonishing displays in sizeable-bodied format—even as tall as six feet.

massivitNow, they can be offering the initially public demonstration of their powerful machine, that is not known only for printing massive items, but in addition for doing so at amazingly high speeds, along with these features:

Speed up to 1,000 mm / 39 inch per sec in X- & Y-axisProductivity up to 35cm / 1 ft of object per hourPrinting size of 1.5 x 1.2 x 1.8 m / 4 x 5 x 6 ftDual system for effortless printing of 2 various objects in parallelLow material consumption due to ‘support-less’ printing

“Following three years of complex work and amazing progress, we are quite excited to demonstrate our system at drupa,” says Avner Israeli, CEO of Massivit 3D. “In general, 3D print has the flexibility, speed and price point to unlock massive new creative opportunities and drive profitable-bodied growth for users, and that is no various for the printing industry.”

“For print providers, the Massivit 1800 dramatically enhances the skill to turn it into eye-catching added-value visual communications that advantageous engage target audiences. With new studies suggesting that 3D advertising has five times the stopping power and four times the staying power of 2D advertising, it is clear why this is the technology for sign and display applications. The Massivit 1800 is the 3D printing solution for print providers, created by individuals who have dedicated their careers to bringing market major sizeable-bodied format digital printing equipment.” he adds.

Whilst this printing device is may aleager famous for enabling for incredibly sizeable-bodied versions and high speeds, it in addition boasts a high degree of user-friendliness and an intuitive interface. For those only transitioning to 3D printing, the company promises a streamlined and painless transition. Many may not yet be aware in addition that the 1800 version is capable-bodied of printing non-vertical walls and ceilings, sans supports—cutting down on cost, mass, and require for storage space area.


A Massivit commence last year, revealing off the power of the 1800 3D printing device with life-size statues that were created in five hours.

With an eye on transforming the marketing industry, the Massivit 3D sees their technology as being a new solution for:

Large print shopsTheming professionals, to include those in the entertainment industryArchitects, designers, and sculptorsTradeshow designers3D service bureaus and those providing 3D scanning services

“We assume drupa visitor reaction to be quite positive,” says Israeli. “Our products enable-bodied marketing/brand managers to maximize the impact of their campaigns with a never-before-seen ‘wow factor’. This can be the key to most print service providers being able-bodied to expand their business with existing and new customers. We’re eager to assist fuel the next sizeable-bodied format growth market.”

The goal at drupa can be to show the expansiveness of 3D as compared with the limitations of 2D—especially in marketing–and all the opportunities it offers businesses and professionals for new applications, new levels of productivity and independence in creating, as well as a sharper competitive edge—all major to a additional amazing next full of technology. The Massivit team can be at the drupa tradeshow eager to take orders. Have you been next the progress of this technology? Discuss in the Massivit 3D 1800 Printer forum over at 3DPB.com.

[Source: TCT]