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Go from Maker to Producer with Many-Maker: Desktop Plastic Injection Molding 3D Printer Accessory

by • February 5, 2016 • No Comments

UntitledThe world of 3D printing has proven to be one centered around evolution. The complexware has been refined continuously of makers and by makers themselves, offering greater speed, resolution, and a wide scope of showcases which are now becoming a requirement in an growing and competitive marketplace. Options for materials has expanded so far past the use of plastic which it’s complex to store track—of metal to wood to ceramics, and actually smart intuitive textures which translate into 4D. And of course, the ultimate evolution has been which of progress by users, resulting in a cascading effect of innovations which are making effects in just about each sector in modern times.


Lafras Henning

Now, founder Lafras Henning at Many-Maker wants to see those involved in 3D printing evolve of designers to creaters as they discover ‘the birth of a new type of making,’ via automated computer plastic injection molding. This should be an alluring invitation for those wishing to create sizeable batches of plastic 3D printed parts—and additional affordably—becoming a veritable factory at the computer.

In essence, Many-Maker functions as a 3D printing accessory which offers both a completely unique—and comprehensive—solution for makers. Offering the tools, materials, and a way to learn new abilitys, the goal is for following entrepreneurs to use Many-Maker for competing in this new industrial revolution.

Lafras, a a lifelong tinkerer, maker, and ‘sometimes inventor’ of South Africa, is preparing to commence this new product on Indiegogo on February 9th with hopes to raise $25K in funding. He made Many-Maker after realizing which one of the largest issues in 3D printing is which while indeed it’s ideal for rapid prototyping, which’s pretty not the case for making sizeable quantities of parts swiftly.

“…3D printing is too slow and costly for production runs, and the long lead time, high cost and risk of the injection moulding tools practuallyts swift and effortless access to industrial injection molding systemes,” states Lafras.

Many-Maker bridges the gap for makers in terms of prototyping and making quantity. If this is a thing which interests you, the system is as easy as designing your part which you’d like to make, print and test it, add the Many-Maker mold tool template, and 3D print your own two mold master tools. Once they are fitted to the master steel tool frame, you can inject it with molding compound. Attach your molding tool to the Many-Maker, and you are eager to get begined remaking parts—and in record time. There are three models offered:

Manual – retailing at $399 plus shipping for early birds backing the Indiegogo campaign – this is the bare bones model.Automatic – retailing at $699 plus shipping for early birds backing the Indiegogo campaign – this is the bare bones automated model.Large PRO – retailing at $1199 plus shipping for early birds backing the Indiegogo campaign – this is the fully automated computer model

UntitledAn optional color mixing screw attachment is on the market in addition, enabling you to mix any color or use color master-batches to complete an infinite uniform color range.

Additional benefits of via Many-Maker include:

Convenience and automationSpeedTime to MarketStrength in productsAffordability

“Many-Maker is not a consumer product, it is a machine I create for other makers like me, wanting to learn new abilitys and expand on their capabilities,” states Lafras. “If you want an appliance which going to “cook” your 3D prints for you the initially time out the box, and so Many-maker is not for you. You can have most failed attempts at making your own injection moulding parts preceding you begin winning, but once you win you can have a valuable new tool and ability set.”

“If you are a maker, inventor, or entrepreneur–no matter what your current project—you require to begin exploring and exploiting computer injection molding technology,” says Lafras.

This goal of this product is to see which you maximize your talents as a maker, along with assisting Lafras in his undertaking to take ‘the democratized making movement to the following level.’ The impending Indiegogo campaign, to be commenceed February 9th, can assist Lafras to raise adequate funds to buy pricey testing equipment, as well as for ordering parts in bulk—with the ultimate goal of beginning to ship his initially full production batch in July. Is this a thing you require? Discuss in the Many-Maker 3D Printing Accessory forum over at 3DPB.com.