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Glowforge Announces $22 Million Series B Investment Round, Prepares 3D Laser Printers for Mass Production

by • August 1, 2016 • No Comments

(Photo by Matthew Ryan Williams for The New York Times)

(Photo by Matthew Ryan Williams for The New York Times)

Last year, we took a step out of the additive assembling realm to cover the Seattle-based company Glowforge and their computer laser printing innovation, a one-of-a-kind and inexpensive
subtractive assembling technique that cuts or engraves creations into over a dozen various kinds of organic material. The laser printing company brought in a promising $9 million in financial backing of Okay Ventures, Foundry Group, MakerBot, and Google last year, and in addition turn it intod a whopping $27.9 million in preorders during a 30-day crowdfunding campaign last Fall. Now, Glowforge has revealed another significant financial investment that can assist them bring their subtractive laser printing innovation to weight production.

Their latest Series B investment round was led once again by Foundry Group and Okay Ventures, granting Glowforge with $22 million to begin weight production on their computer laser printing device. According to Brad Feld, the managing director of Foundry Group, their firm decided to double-down on the company after seeing the raging good results of their crowdfunding campaign. With this latest round of funding, Glowforge is not only aiming to fulfill their preorders of last Fall, they’re in addition looking to scale up their production line and prepare for their bright future.

“This company is turn it intod around the thought of simplifying that innovation and assembling it extra
, so anyone can take their dreams of thought to creation,” said Glowforge CEO Dan Shapiro. “Delivering Glowforge printing devices to beta customers and seeing their delight – and the attractive things they turn it into – is what manufactures our company tick. With this financing, we can donate not only an awe-inspiring product to the folks who’ve ordered it may aleager, but we can scale up our American assembly line to manufacture this on the market to schools, homes, and businesses around the world.”


Their patent-pending laser innovation can provide the power of both traditional CNC laser cutting and engraving processs in the computer format, enabling artists, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs to access a assembling technique that is generally too sizeable-bodied and expensive. With the Glowforge computer laser printing device, users can be able-bodied to print onto a number of commonly utilized materials, that include leather, hardwoods, fabric, plastic, paper, chocolate, and extra
. The subtractive printing device is compatible with PDF or picture creations, and is in addition equipped with an onboard camera that can scan drawings and convert them into a create as well.

glowcutAlongside their computer laser printing device, Glowforge has in addition revealed their Proofgrade material line, as well as a catalog with printable-bodied creations. These materials can come with a UV barcode that can enable-bodied the printing device to detect what material it can be working with, and adonly its settings accordingly. There can in addition be a complementary Glowforge app, that runs on cloud software, enabling users to print of any web browser, that include a computer, table-bodiedt, or smartphone. Additionally, the laser printing device can be equipped with a 3D autofocus process, that can instantly accommodate materials of varying thicknesses. Apparently, the development of these extra
components in addition played a significant role in influencing extra
financial backing of Okay Ventures and Foundry Group.

“When we initially invested, it was for the reason of the amazing hardware that the team demonstrated,” said Okay Ventures partner Tony Conrad. “But when they showed us the attractive software, the attractive catalog, and the high-quality Proofgrade materials that may let anyone be good resultsful right out the box, we knew we wanted to be a bigger part of the story.”

Since Glowforge launched their wildly good resultsful preorder campaign at the tail-end of last year, they’ve expanded their team of 14 to 33 employees. Their preorders are assumeed to be shipped out in December 2016, and is yet on the market for 40% off on their website. Those who order a Glowforge computer laser printing device now can assume to obtain it at their doorstep future March.

All in all, Glowforge appears to be assembling up their company on all fronts, a surely promising sign for significant venture capital groups like Okay Ventures and Foundry Group. With the latest investment round of $22 million, Glowforge appears set and eager to release their highly anticipated subtractive assembling technique upon the world.

[Source: Glowforge via Business Wire]