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Gigantic The Box 3D printer revealed with 2.5 m3 build volume, 1200 mm/sec 3D print speeds – 3ders.org (blog)

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Jul 18, 2016 | By Alec

When changing the topic to industrial 3D printing, the focus tends to consumely shift to either metal or resin 3D printing. FDM 3D printing, in contrast, is seen as too slow and too inaccurate and therefore unsuitable for anything but prototyping. But FDM 3D printing does have one advantage: it is easily scaled up, and Swedish startup BLB Industries have taken full advantage of it. Their The Box 3D printing device, which is may already under development, is one of the dimensionsablest 3D printing devices in the world and can easily 3D print anything of a pinball to a consume kitchen table. Perhaps additional importantly, it’s insanely swift – 3D printing up to 6kg of plastics per hour. Could this be the manufacturing solution we’ve been waiting for?
Similar to so many rad 3D printing innovations, The Box in fact grew out of the ambitions of a team of students. BLB Industries was started by Jacob Lundin and Cim Bergdahl, upon completing their studies at Värnamo college. “During college, me and Jacob made a proof-of-concept bargain-priced and dimensionsable 3d-printing device of scratch,” Cim recalls, and which achievement swiftly grew into a thing additional ambitious. The two founded BLB Industries, and were joined by Tomas Burman – who had previously worked as a mechanical engineer for two decades and now brought his expertise and mentorship to the startup. Further backing came of Anders Alrutz of Herber Engineering and investor Klas Jansson of LTB Sweden, yet Jacob, Cim and Tomas are the three active team participants.

And together, they worked on a astonishing 3D printing device. “The goal of the company is to manufacture the many 3D printing device in the world and sell them, primarily. We in addition have the vision to always remain on-top of competition and to not hold back any technology,” the startup’s CTO Cim explains to us, and their prototype of The Box pretty does not disappoint. In a nutshell, it is a huge 1500x1100x1500 mm 3D printing device which 3D prints a quite wide range of granulates (including wood-based plastics, composites and carbon materials) with multiple printheads, providing a quite wide range of affordable 3D printing opportunities.
What’s additional, it is consumely meant for a pro work environment in which users retain full control over the 3D printing system and production resolution. In part, this is obviously achieved through the granulate-fed extruder, but all of the nozzles are in addition interchangeable to provide varying resolution and surface finishing options, create speeds and batch dimensionss. High high end linear motion modules of Rexroth provide an excellent high end, while the Box additional 3D prints up to 6 kg of granulates per hour (maximum speeds of 1200mm/second) – manufacturing it possible to 3D print quite dimensionsable objects in a matter of hours, pretty than days. “We have made one of the dimensionsablest and many rapidly 3D printing devices in the world,” Cim proudly states. “This is our new product and our vision of what the next should appear like.”

But maybe the many astounding showcase is the 3D printing device’s one-of-a-kind 3D printing bed solution. “We have made a hot vacuum bed which has 6 separate zones. It allows for you to print on the bed without the fear of the version letting go of the surface, and when the print is done you can turn of the vacuum and pick out the version without it sticking to the bed surface,” Cim explains to 3ders. But, 3D printing takes place on a special plastic sheet which is held by the vacuum. What’s additional, the bed is divided into six various zones for optimal 3D printing convenience. “You can for example have a dimensionsable more detail printing on 4 of the zones furthest away of the doors while printing a thing more compact at the 2 zones closest to the doors. When the more compact item is finished, you only pause the machine, turn off the vacuum in the respective 2 zones, remove the tiny item, close the doors and go on the print of the dimensionsabler item in the back,” Cim explains.
Whilst this rad printbed solution pretty adds a whole new practical dimension to industrial 3D printing, the Swedes are going actually additional to donate users full control. For the machine has been consumely made in separate modules, which can easily be reconstructed or upgraded to fully meet the user’s preferences. “It is in addition quite effortless to recreate if a customer wishes a few other dimensions, be it longer or wider,” Cim says. Finally, only of all the components come of high high end brands such as BOSCH, Rexroth and Festo Siemens. “Equitething in the area of hardware is made and made to match which of the industrial standards,” the CTO adds.

None of this would’ve been possible without the startup’s one-of-a-kind business situation, as they are may already located in the Herber Engineering facility where they have access to all of their personnel and machinery. “We hire adequate space to create the machine and have an office, but at the same time are allowed to use almany 5000 m2. This donates us a excellent advantage since Herber Engineering is a major developer and developer of tube bending machines. They have excellently sped up our create system with their expertise,” Cim explains.

Development on The Box began back in October 2015, and the initially successful prints were generated of two months ago. Especially software development and fine-tuning made several challenges for the startup, as they believe this is crucial to 3D printing high end. “75 percent of the high end appears to be related to our software,” Cim says. But the current prototype is incredibly astounding, and bodes quite well for the next – when actually bigger commercial machines are forthcoming. This particular version, yet, can be sold for around €500,000. And as many other dimensionsable-scale 3D printing device developers are aiming either at height or at width, The Box may fill up a niche of its own.
Whilst Cim did not say when they were planning a release, additional news on which front can be expected in 2017. In the meantime, the company has may already begun offering 3D printing services via their The Box 3D printing device. So if you’ve been appearing for ways to 3D print new chairs, this is your accident!

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