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Getting My Game on at Gen Con 2016

by • August 7, 2016 • No Comments

This weekend I went to Gen Con 2016 in Indianapolis. The biggest convention for boardgames, tabletop wargaming, role playing games and all manner of cosplay and geek culture. People of the world descended on the Indianapolis convention center for 4 days of gaming, exhibitions, films and revelry.

IMG_4779 (1)

Shapeways was added
to the Gen Con community years ago when several of our manufacturers started via 3D printing to manufacture dice, game pieces and miniatures to bring their video games to life in the physical world. Being on the exhibition floor was approximately overwhelming to see the vast number of ways 3D Printing may be utilized
to expand the gaming experience. Vendors, Game Designers and artists cover the floor revealing off their newest games and prototypes. My gamer self was in creative overload! I can try to store this short and share my top, top favourites…

Some of my favourite miniatures are of Wraith of Kings by Cool Mini’s or Not.

IMG_4844 (1)

Miniature painters were all over the floor revealing of their techniques. For example I love this lighting effect of this glowing sword by James Wappel.


Impressed by the high end of painted figures on the floor, I decided to try my own hand at it in the paint and take area, where we were generously given free figurines and a paintbrush by Gencon.


I in addition
attended to a workshop by David Dresch who gave a few tremendous advice on how to turn it into terrain for wargaming tables. Here’s my work in progress of adding grass and dirt at a lower place.


Naturally Gencon is all of gaming, and I got the opportunity to play numerous excellent Role Playing games which include Dungeons and Dragons. Here’s a scene of a short and fun campaign where we save christmas of being ruined by the minions of Cthulhu.


But of course, Gen Con is all of meeting rad and colorful new individuals. Whether they are in awea few cosplay costumes as your favourite video game characters, acting in a 6 hour LARP quest or only goofing around with a few D20 dice, Gen Con was a blast to manufacture new friends. The most part of Gen Con is the way it brings the gaming community together to play and be creative.



What games do you play? Do you use 3D printing to manufacture your game pieces? Are you building your own game? Let us understand
in the comments at a lower place!

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