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GetReady4 3D and SABE Online Offer Their First Online 3D Printing Course

by • February 21, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_online3dpclass_GetReady43D_logoTo say that there is a steep learning curve when it comes to 3D printing innovation is a bit of an understatement. Whilst much of the innovation and concepts that are utilized to turn it into 3D printing devices are most likely effortless to grasp for an engineer or a longtime manufacturer, it is not always easily grasped or understood by a layperson. As is becoming increasingly evident, 3D printing only is not going anywhere and is going to become a common part of most modern businesses. That manufactures 3D printing education significant, and not only at the elementary, high school and college levels, but there require to be additional options for adults may already in the quickly changing workforce.

3D printing is proving to be applicable to virtually any industry, that include making, prototyping, create, clothing, dental, medical, energy production and research. It is getting to the point where a basic awareness of 3D printing is going to be only as valuable of a ability as a basic awareness of computer desktop computers. In an effort to address that require 3D printing literacy company GetReady4 3D has generated a excellent online primer course for 3D printing and is presenting it on of the world online education hub SABE Online. The course is called only “3D Printing” and is focutilized on teverying the basics of 3D printing innovation along with ways that 3D printing can be applied to developing new businesses and business opportunities.

“There’s a world of opportunities to explore in the 3D printing universe once folks gain the necessary knowledge and begin via this innovation. This course was created in collaboration with Nadia Yaakoubi, GetReady4 3D co-founder. It is sturdyly business focutilized and its main goal is to tevery how to turn it into profitable models for an next technological sector. Furtheradditional, it shows the system and the innovation utilized for printing in 3D. Ultimately, the course teveryes how to enter the 3D ecosystem and be part of the revolution,” explained co-founder and CEO at GetReady4 3D Diogo Quental.

3dp_online3dpclass_printingThe “3D Printing” course has four specific chapters, that include “3D Printing Revolution” that is a rundown of the basics, that include an overview of the innovation, the typical workflow, how 3D printing is beneficial and what the current limitations of the innovation are. Chapter two is “Preparing the 3D Printing” and can cover the concept of digital files, how to turn it into them, slice them and print them. Chapter three called “Printing and Finishing the 3D Object” is quite self explanatory, while chapter four called “Business Opportunities with 3D Printing” covers the economics, applications and investment opportunities in the industry.

3dp_online3dpclass_logo_SabeThe course is a 100% online class and attendance is not limited to specific times or dates so it can be taken at anytime, anywhere in the world and accomplished at the student’s own pace. Once the course is paid for it can be watched as most times as requireed, and can be watched as individual chapters or the 121 minute course can be watched in its entirety. The course is quite much for everyone interested in 3D printing, but has a focus on helping users know how exploring 3D printing can lead to new job or business opportunities.

“We live in a digital era in that innovation shapes the way we work and effects what abilitys employers and the market value the most. 3D printing is only begining now, but its importance and future for economic growth are important. For this reason, SABE Online has created a sturdy bet in this field, and by creating this course can allow a pro in any area to know 3D printing and manufacture their most creative ideas come true,” said Ana Macedo, SABE Online Editorial Manager.

Here is a brief overview of the course:

SABE Online is offering the entire course for €29.90 ($32.97) or every chapter individually for €9.90 ($10.92) so users can elect only the sections that are applicable for their requires. Each chapter ranges of 21 minutes to 25 minutes in length, and despite the website being in Portuguese the source is the initially offered by SABE that is entirely presented in English. You can find out additional information of the educational opportunities offered by GetReady4 3D on their website, and you can take their online “3D Printing” course at SABE Online. Is that a thing that interests you? Discuss in the Online 3D Printing Course forum over at 3DPB.com.