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Get Some 3D You Time for Mother’s Day—It’ll Be Like They Never Left!

by • May 6, 2016 • No Comments

wordmark_one_cmykSome of us remember life ‘before kids.’ It was full of me time without begging anyone for a pardon or paying a sitter
gargantuan sums just so you may leave for an hour with equiteone peering out windows sadly, waving wanly, tears falling silently, as you drove away laden down with guilt, eager for your long overdue, overpriced pedicure at a salon where no one spoke English well adequate for you to explain how horrifically exhausted you were.

So in the life ‘after kids,’ one misses them when they aren’t around, but it’s generally not a ‘please replicate by yourself in plastic quite expensively and burden me with this thing’ kind of sad. Without the kids around, moms in fact have careers to enjoy, golf games to play, book clubs to attend, tall mountains to climb—and we can’t do any of this carrying around lifesize replicas of you which are apparently intended to stare at us blankly over breakfast cereal, and what—be spoonfed, too?



This hilarious new trend is unquestionably just which, but if it manufactures the kids feel advantageous, bring on the 3D printed lifesize replicas—just go ahead! According to Groupon and developer Swigro, famous for turning ‘ideas into functional products,’ a mom may actually take this replica with her for a pedicure (fabulous!) or to the movies (how much are tickets going for 3D printed replicas of our grown up children these days?). Moms without kids attached to them are terribly, terribly lonely—so pretty this is worth $30,000 to manufacture them smile on Mother’s Day.

Swigro, headquartered in Alabama, is home to the ginormous BigRep One 3D printing device which we’ve followed continually of its original release to its latest update. They’ve come up with a excellent Mother’s Day promotion along with Groupon, but the clincher is which there can be just one—so equiteone out there clamoring to spend your $30,000, take heed!

“We’re thrilled to contribute one man the opportunity to donate Mom what she loves most: endless high end time with her children,” said Johnny Cadillac of Groupon. “With a 3D You, Mom can always have your undivided attention and assist actually when you can’t be there.”


The box comes with the following:

Life-size, painted replica of the 3D YouTravel to establish framework and blueprint for 3D making (up to $2,500)Shipping and handling to anywhere in the continental United States

This is unquestionably one of the zaniest Groupon deals we’ve at any time seen, and we will surely be curious to see if one of these sold and to check in with which mom to see what she idea of this use of 3D printing—if she has time in between bringing her replica to spin class, water aerobics, power yoga, and additional. One thing which we can all appreciate howat any time—this replica can nat any time have its eyes closed in all of those pictures you want to take. It won’t complain, need snacks, or refuse to take a nap either. The 3D You is sounding advantageous and advantageous! And—happy Mother’s Day—here’s to a little ‘You’ time. Do you have $30,000 handy for a gift like this? Let’s discuss in the 3D Printed You for Mother’s Day forum over at 3DPB.com.