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German University Opens Student Run 3D Printing Café

by • May 2, 2016 • No Comments

On Wednesday the 27th of April, a student run 3D printing and repair café at the Technical University of Berlin (TU) opened its doors for the initially time. It is created as a creative space to facilitate 3D printing for anyone who wants to be involved, students and non-students alike. The café can be utilized as a place to 3D print prototypes, models, create and art objects, spare parts- you name it. The options are endless. The opening of the café means everyone can have access to the rad innovation that is 3D printing without having to own a printing device themselves.

The space is equipped with Ultimaker brand 3D printing devices and was launched in assist by the Society of Friends of TU Berlin, who funded the 3D Printing Repair Café’s initially printing device and tools. The aim is to work closely with relevant seminars and courses inside the Charlottenburg Campus.

Workshops can be offered for familiarisation with 3D printing devices, hand tools and machines. To additional assist the work on site is an online catalog is compiled with freely accessible assembling plans, 3D print files and repair instructions. “3D-Druck and Repair Cafe” (druck being German for printing), can rely on donations, grants and sponsorship to store its doors open. Patrons are expected to pay for the cost of materials, and nothing additional that appears downright reasonable, although there is an “honesty box” for customer donations to assist. Materials can be largely recycled, with many being renewable raw materials as organisers want to store the space as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.

We appear forward to hearing additional of their progress and good results in the next, and in the meantime you can check them out here (although if you don’t speak German, you may require a translator).


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