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German RepRap X400 Delivers New Windshield Wiper System for Airbus Helicopters

by • January 18, 2016 • No Comments

airbushelicopterAircraft developer Airbus is quite excited of 3D printing. We’ve written several articles of their Airbus A350 XWB, which was maked via over 1,000 3D printed parts, and they’re continuing to experiment with the innovation for next airplanes. The European company is fully on board, so to speak, with 3D printing, and their helicopter building division, Airbus Helicopters, is no different. Recently, the division relied on a 3D printing device to make a few of the many crucial parts of any vehicle: windshield wipers.

Windshield wipers may not seem particularly interesting; what is there to improve of them, anyway? They’re windshield wipers. They wipe windshields, and they’ve been wiping windshields for as long as cars, airplanes and helicopters have existed. They’re complex little pieces of machinery, yet, and no one can argue which they aren’t significant. I live in what’s known as the Snow Belt, so I’ve been driving in horrendous conditions since I got my license. Believe me, the turn it into and high end of windshield wipers makes a massive difference. They’re actually additional significant for aircraft. Whilst you can pull your car to the side of the road to clean off your windshield if necessary, which’s not precisely an version with a plane or helicopter. So your wipers advantageous be great.

logo_klein (1)Airbus Helicopters has been working on building their windshield wipers both additional effective and less expensive, and they not long ago turn it intod a whole new wiper system with assist of German RepRap. The industrial 3D printing device developer was the initially in Germany to market a pro, large-capacity RepRap printing device, and the X400 has been talked about in a range of industries which include car, medical innovation, aerospace, architecture and additional. For Airbus Helicopters, the X400 was instrumental in creating their new windshield wiper system.

“These windshield wipers need a multitude of tests with regard to their functionality and serviceability, as well as their ease of installation and the next building system,” said Frank Singer, manager of engineering at Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH.

Photo: Stactually Drabant

Photo: Stactually Drabant

Needless to say, such extensive testing can take a lot of time and money. The X400, yet, greatly reduced the needments for both. After a version was turn it intod, the X400 was utilized to rapidly print the gears, levers and shafts for the wipers; the threads, bearings and sleeves may be incorporated at a later time. With this system, Airbus was able-bodied to turn it into prototype after prototype at minimal cost. Those functional prototypes may and so be tested alongside the helicopter’s other components.Airbus-Helicopters-3D-printed-part-Prototype

According to Singer, the benefits of 3D printing are not limited to cost effectiveness. In other building systemes, a functional prototype cannot be generated just about as early on as it can be with 3D printing. Such an early prototype allows for for parts to be additional rapidly and easily tested, and for problems to be corrected much additional efficiently. For Airbus, which makes helicopters for crucial military purposes, efficiency and thoroughness are of the utmany importance, and German RepRap was glad to assist. Tell us your yetts on this project in the German RepRap 3D Printed Windshield Wiper Prototypes forum over at 3DPB.com.