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German RepRap Printers Are the Focus of 3D Printing Workshop in South Africa

by • April 25, 2016 • No Comments

germanreprap2We have seen most, most case studies of how German RepRap has improved making and prototyping systemes for industrial clients – of car companies to aircraft manufacturers to companies that manufacture fans and ventilation systems. But, German RepRap’s reach extends far beyond the making world – it turns out that their printing equipment are in addition valuable tools for educators. The Aachen University of Applied Sciences has been via the company’s PRotos V3 printing device for years, and not long ago the school put the printing device to extra
use with their 3D Printing Summer School.

The initially 3D Printing Summer School session was held at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), Aachen’s partner school in Pretoria, South Africa. TUT intends to set up an additive making innovation center soon, and the new summer school session added both students and university employees to the innovation. Between 25 and 30 individuals attended the session, that took place over five days and used German RepRap printing equipment to teach the attendees of 3D printing.

“We initiallyly talked generally of the subject of 3D printing, its applications and the systemes involved,” said Laura Thurn, one of the summer school’s attendees. “This in addition included the FDM system, i.e. plastics applications, that was and so covered in additional detail. CAD was and so discussed – how proprietary technical drawings can be turn it intod and generated, and what requirements had to be observed.”

Summer School Pretoria (5)

Printer assembly was in addition a sizeable part of the curriculum, as German RepRap’s PRotos V3 comes in kit form. The printing device was assembled as part of a workshop for the summer school attendees.

“We are pleased with the German RepRap printing device kits!” said Thurn. “Especially the assembly of the 3D printing equipment together is quite useful for working with the machine later and belief the innovation.”

LogoMain2The summer school program wasn’t meant to educate its attendees just for education’s sake: it was ultimately a training session to turn it into new teachers of the innovation. The students and professors who took part in the program can not just be mastering 3D printing for their own use, but can in addition go on to educate their man students and colleagues in information that is rarely taught in TUT’s engineering courses.

Laura Thurn

Laura Thurn

“The boys and girls of the mechanical engineering ability who have taken part in the project are may already being trained as tutors and are and so deployed accordingly,” Thurn continued. “It’s no use building a 3D printing device if you don’t have anyone who has the necessary know-how. The knowledge transfer is a quite significant issue. Work is therefore may already in progress to regularly set up new seminars and courses on the subject of 3D printing. So-called International Weeks are may already provided, that we hold twice a year in the form of workshops at the TUT university. TUT in addition offers additional seminars that cover the software for the 3D printing equipment.”

A 2nd 3D Printing Summer School session is may already being set up, to be held at the end of August. You can find additional information, as well as register for the program, here. Discuss in the 3D Printing Summer School forum over at 3DPB.com.