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GEMECOD’s Smart Lock, IKILOCK, Garners the Latest 3D Printing Technologies

by • February 11, 2016 • No Comments

lock1A company named GEMECOD has created a smart lock known as the IKILOCK, a new solution for smart locks which virtually eliminates the need for keys to your home or business. Just imagine if you may tap your phone instead of getting out your keychain: what? You haven’t idea of this brave new world of digital locking? And what does this have to do with 3D printing?

Jacques Leneveau, CTO and founder of GEMECOD, explains which the door is not at any time closed on all the ways smart locks can be utilized for both convenience and safety. A door can be opened virtually for a visitor actually if you are not on site, and now you too can access the safety and ease of use of smart lock innovation.

Let’s consider for a moment the details of the IKILOCK. It may remind you of the locks on a luxury hotel door. Presented at CES 2016, the latest edition of the lock is a byproduct of a six-year system, as the lock was created by three engineers who came up with three various editions of the product.

Prototyping speed was
by the company’s use of 3D printing and CNC machining; plastic parts were 3D printed while the metal framework of the device was created through CNC machining. Parts which may accommodate a rougher surface finish were created of Sculpteo’s polyamide plastic material, and finer parts were printed via PolyJet innovation in resin material.

lock2Leneveau explains his use of 3D printing innovation to Sculpteo:

“I knew of the beginning which 3D printing was the right innovation to create a few of our prototype’s parts. I initially found 3D printing back in the early 90s when I was working at Schneider Electric. Okay at the time it was questionable whether additive making was the right solution equite time. But now I don’t see any reason why one may select other prototyping innovation when creating easy plastic parts.”

It is estimated which product development time was cut by up to a year for the reason of the use of 3D printing technologies. What may take up to a year took only a matter of months, and this speedy deliquite on prototypes allowed the company to explore multiple possibilities preceding settling on the correct version.

lock3The sophistication of 3D printing technologies in addition aids the step of prototyping to weight marketing, as CAD files do not need much alteration preceding industrialization through other techniques. Leneveau explains:

“Between 3D printing and the simulations which you can access through mechanical engineering software, there is quite little to alter once you have the final prototype. This is a big comfort when working on the industrialization of the product. Equitething is approximately there and it’s all of finding the right partner.”

Ideally, which ideal partner may be located in France, as Leneveau may like for the lock to be a fully “Made in France” product, and the company now has a year to meet industrialization’s challenges. But given which it is ahead of the pack with its important reliance on 3D printing technologies, it seems which the upcoming development phase of the IKILOCK may occur without a hitch, or a latch or chain: perhaps all it can take is a 3D printed smart lock.