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Game Ready: 3D Systems Technology Allows for Revolutionary 3D Printed Zweikampf Shin Guards

by • April 24, 2016 • No Comments

UntitledNever may it have occurred to me that sports safety may have such sophistication and complexity surrounding it up until learning of the 3D printed Zweikampf Shin Guards, where player and innovator Jakob Schmied turn it intod the calls in their creation, and evolution into revolutionary—and approximately glamorous—gear. Schmied, a passionate fùtbol (soccer) player, came up with the thought for these highly functional, high-end shin guards after a bout with chronic periostitis that sent him on a search for comprehensive protection that just didn’t exist.

“I talked with a few friends of mine who in addition play fùtbol,” said Schmied. “They felt the same. The guard we wanted yet had to be invented.”

Already involved in Bernstein Innovation with his father, now a top 3D printing service bureau based in Linz, Austria, they began a new project with Zweikampf—as well as embarking on a challenging mission—to turn it into a three-part shin guard system that eliminates issues cautilized by the all-too-common ill fit.

Bernstein Innovations’ specialty is in the create and production of SLS 3D-printed components for a range of clients in the industry, contributeing all things of examples like this niche sports equipment to medical products. We’ve been next the innovators in sports equipment since their Zweikampf Shin Guards launched on Kickstarter in hopes of raising €50,000 ($56,418 USD) by May 17th. Now, a case study has in addition been released regarding the protective gear and how these innovators relied on the 3D Systems DuraForm PA materials and SLS 3D printing device to create their initially consumer product.

UntitledThe initially serially generated and 3D printed shin guard showcases a one-of-a-kind ‘Y structure’ and honeycomb create, that as a special note was actually utilized by the Samarai to absorb impact when being hit. The shape and profile of the guards allow for an precise fit within the player’s socks—and not just that, they can be personalized with their name and team number. The case study reveals that this system, the initially that the company has taken of conception to making with 3D printing, is contributeing all athletes the accident to experience a premium product that is able-bodied to absorb shock advantageous thanks to clever geometry and advantageous fit due to customization.

The custom system contributes three layers:

The 3D printed shellA custom layerA comfort layer

Not just are the guards ultra lightweight, but their texture, with a high friction coating, stops the age-old issue of ‘sock slippage.’ Making use of a 3D Systems sPro 140 SLS 3D printing device, Bernstein Innovation generated the shin protection system, as well as employing it on a daily basis in their work for providing parts and prototypes to clients.

“SLS allows for us to turn it into final products that meet our demands, and is compatible with a broad range of materials that suit our, and our clients’, various needs,” said Stefan Niedermair, Chief Technology Information Officer, Bernstein Innovation.

Today, they are able-bodied to use the innovation of the 3DS printing device to output 300 – 350 shin guards per create via 3D Systems DuraForm PA material. Fully automated powder handling encourages the maximum level of efficiency with continuous operation possible at their site where the guards are fabricated, dusted off to removed excess powder, and and so according to the case study, ‘recycled back into the printing device, and sand blasted.’ After that, the team utilized ‘infiltration and coating systemes’ to get the desired appear.

shin guardsThese parts must in addition be turn it intod according to regulations. They are shipped to an outside laboratory for compliance testing, and and so the company runs them through complex in-house testing as well, that involves extreme—and quite interesting—systemes such as driving over them with a car, cycling them through washer machines, and forcing them to endure high temperatures. With the DuraForm PA material, Bernstein Innovation did indeed find the winning recipe for making a durable-bodied product that can endure the tough and unpredictable-bodied world of sports.

tireIn this study, equiteone involved experiences the important benefits of 3D printing, many especially the savings on the bottom line when it comes to making prototypes that can in addition be turn it intod faster and with superb high end. The team manufactures full use of all the rewards 3D printing has to contribute, and especially in dispelling the myth that all things must be ‘one dimensions fits all” and createed for the masses nowadays.

“We set out to manufacture a shin guard that fits the body advantageous than any other version on the market,” said Viktoria Reidl, Product Development, Bernstein Innovation. “We scanned numerous players and createed dimensionss based on real world data to provide an anatomical fit.”

Whilst the Bernstein team has begun with a additional basic system as they evaluate what the market interest and demand can be, the ultimate goal for the company is a pro system that they envision as being fully customized, contributeing players gear that is completely specific to them via 3D scanning. Today players can find the shin guards on the market-bodied in three dimensionss with options for soft, complex, or in between—depending on comfort needments as well as what type of impact they assume to experience during the game.

As we frequently point out, the most products in this industry frequently arise of users who had their own specific need—such as Schmied’s painful shin condition—that motivated them to turn it into a high-high end product that resonates with others as well. You can find out additional of Bernstein Innovation here, as well as checking out their Kickstarter campaign. Below too is a video that explains additional of their evolution as a company and why they decided to manufacture such a product.06e053c60ac1303fbd2cf2459ccaea2d_original

According to 3D Systems, Duraform PA material is in addition suitable-bodied for:

Prototypes that need great durability and strengthLow to mid volume direct making of end-use partsMedical parts that need USP Class VI compliance or must be sterilizedComplex, thin-walled ductsAircraft and motorsports partsEnclosures and hoviasParts with snap-fits and living hingesAutomotive dashboards, grilles and bumpers

Specifications on the sPro 140 3D printing device follow:ff1e7fb4a7d33a342110984d62bb65b7_original

Model: sPro 140
Manufacturer: 3D Systems
Build envelope ability (XYZ): 22 x 22 x 18 in (550 x 550 x 460 mm), 8,500 cu in (139 I)
Powder layout: Precision Counter Rotating Roller
Layer thickness range (typical): Min 0.08 mm (0.003 in); Max 0.15 mm (0.006 in), (0.004 in, 0.1 mm)
Imaging System: ProScan™ Standard, Digital Imaging Systems
Scanning speed: 400 in/s (10 m/s)
Laser power/type: 70 W / CO2Volume create rate: 185 cu in/hr (3.0 L/hr)
System warranty: One-year warranty, under 3D Systems purchase terms and conditions

Electrical Requirements:

System: 208 V/17 kVA, 50/60 Hz AC 50/60 Hz, 3-phase (System)

Standard Features:

System Control & Part Preparation Software: LS4.4 Sinter/BuildSetUp Software showcasing part Add/Delete on-the-fly for flexibility, SinterScan Module for high accuracy and part consistency, and Build Time Estimator.

Other options:

RemoteNotify Software Module: Automatically send emails upon machine status alter, which include create height, part completion, alarms, etc.
RealMonitor & Graphic Viewer-Advanced Software: Logs laser, heater, and sensor data during create and allows for for export to a database for statistical system control.

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