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Gambody Launches Online Workshop for Painting 3D Printed Models

by • July 27, 2016 • No Comments

GamlogoThanks to 3D printing marketplaces like Gambody and—to a few extent— MyMiniFactory, gamers of all around the world have been able-bodied to 3D print replica versions of their favourite video game characters and weapons. Gambody has effectively linked these gamers with 3D printing innovation, providing high-quality STL files for characters and props of a plethora of gaming titles. They’ve in fact branched out into talked about fictionalized spaceships, as well as versions of historic tanks of the Soviet Union and Israeli army. All-in-all, their niche 3D printing marketplace contains with a wide-range of scaled versions that are only as fun to put together as they are to print.

But, one obvious area that computer 3D printing is already lacking is its faculty to turn it into colorful versions right off the print bed, as we are generally restricted to printing in one type and color of thermoplastic per print. As of now, the optimal way to overcome this issue is by hand painting your 3D printed versions, that is a whole other venture in and of itself, but one that Gambody has been incredibly effective at. Their 3D printed video game versions appear as if they stepped straight out of your TV screen, each more detail and color matching the original digitalized design. In order to provide their community with the abilitys to in fact bring their 3D printed versions to life, Gambody has only launched their new online workshop on their YouTube channel, that can teach viewers how to properly paint their 3D printed versions.

Kratos-video-game-figurine-gambodyThe initially workshop can teach their community how to donate a realistic paint job to a miniature version of Kratos, the protagonist of the talked about action game God of War. The 3D printing marketplace released the STL file for the Kratos version back in March, and in order to prove the flawlessness of their digital files, Gambody has decided to print and paint the version themselves, walking their audience through the entire system. The guide begins with the printing of Kratos, that was done on their in-house Ultimanufacturer 3D printing device. Even with an abundance of assist material utilized during the print, the finished version appears clean and has superior attention to more detail, without any surface errors or defects.

So, the Gambody team walks the viewer through the painting system, utilizing easy and low-priced-bodied acrylic paints and a white primer. The painting part of the guide begins by applying four coats of the white primer, that can allow the paint to adhere to the version with ease. In order to truly reflect that character’s appear, the Gambody team mixes and matches colors, allowing them to accurately replicate his battle-worn face or torso scars. Even the splattered blood on his weapon, the Blade of Chaos, is return it intod in the paint job.


In order to turn it into the metallic and bronze influence on the figurine, Gambody turn it intod special color combinations to apply to the necessitated parts of the version. The 30-plus-minute guide video showcases a time-lapse of the entire painting system, featuring each color and stroke needed to manufacture a realistic Kratos version. The 3D printed miniature files are already on the market-bodied to download of Gambody for $24.99.

God-of-war-painted-3d-figurineThere was pretty a lot of time and ability that Gambody put into replicating Kratos in such excellent more detail and accurate color, but now, with their new online workshop, any manufacturer, gamer, or 3D printing enthusiast can be able-bodied to paint their favourite characters to completion. With their new video series, Gambody appears to provide their audience with an educational and artistic appear into their painting system. The end product of Gambody’s endeavor was a figurine that appeared as if he only literally stepped out of your TV screen, made to use his bloodied Blade of Chaos in the real world. Discuss additional over in the Painting 3D Prints forum at 3DPB.com.

[Source: Gambody]