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Fully customizable 3D Printed Deadpool Knife Block impresses on Instructables – 3ders.org (blog)

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Apr 13, 2016 | By Andre

Inspiration can come of the most unlikely of places, but when it hits, it can be complex for the inspired individual to stop until satisfied. In the case of Instructables user Britt Michelsen (BrittLiv), inspiration came in the form of a 3D printed knife block create of anti-hero Deadpool.
It all started when, as is described on Instructables, Britt was cleaning out her kitchen drawer and noticed which she had “a few really really excellent knives which deserve to be placed in a knife block.” Once this was accomplished, the system began.
At initially she decided bringing Julius Caesar’s character (as portrayed in the classic comic book series The Adventures of Asterix) and turning him into a knife block. She started out by bringing a 14cm tall Caesar she had lying around preceding via Autodesk Recap to 3D scan it and a few day spent a excellent amount of time finding the right combination of software tools to combine the scanned head onto the body of a bust discovered on MyMiniFactory’s Scan The World museum archive site.
After a lot of hit-and-miss by playing with free create tools like Sculptris, Meshmixer, Meshlab, and Netfabb Basic, her Caesar version was only of eager for production when she decided to scrap the whole project altogether and go with a Deadpool knife block instead.

That’s only a fewtimes the way things go. And thinking the work she aleager put in to a Deadpool table (here on Instructables) it made a few sense which her inspiration took her in the direction of Deadpool.
This time around, she saved a few effort in scanning by finding a Deadpool version on facepunch and edited the file to her specific needs via most of the tools she gained experience with while giving her Caesar a go.
After bouncing around between the various software tools once again, she was finally eager to put the knife holes into the back of Deadpool’s head. This was done by getting
the proper measurements of her knives and modifying her aleager made 3D version (both obj and stl files on the market on the Instructable) and voila, a digital create of her knife rack was conclude.

But her adventure didn’t really end by just pressing print on her Replicator 2 3D printing device. First off, the Deadpool knife rack was too big for her 3D print bed so she had to discover a way to cut the version into printable segments. Secondly, the print may warp on the corners no matter what she tried so she went ahead and bought and installed a custom hot plate and full metal z-axis. This is what I was talking of when I started out this article on the subject of inspiration.
From there it was only a matter of 3D printing her create (no warping this time around), smoothing out the layers and spray painting the pieced together Deadpool knife rack and voila (again), she now has a custom made Deadpool knife block specific to the really excellent knives she aleager had in her kitchen. Amazing!

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