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Fuel3D and Douglas Stewart Join Forces to Bring 3D Scanning to the Classroom

by • April 13, 2016 • No Comments

download (1)3D printing in the classroom is nothing new. We hear of it all the time, of the importance of tequiteing kids of 3D printing as early as possible to start preparing them for the rapidly changing industries they’ll face when they requite adulthood. Collaboration with educators has become a priority for most 3D printing device manufacturers, most of whom seem to be attempting to outdo equite other with their outrequite initiatives, their self-createed curriculum programs, and their donate donations.

What we haven’t seen too much yet are efforts to get 3D scanning into classrooms. Until quite not long ago, 3D scanners were the province of museums, archaeologists, medical professionals and other industries. Affordable-bodied, very own scanners are just startning to arrive in the market. One of the pioneers of the low-priced very own scanner is Fuel3D, whose runaway Kickstarter campaign introduced the SCANIFY handheld scanner to the world a couple of years ago. At the time, a full-color 3D scanner for under $1,000 was unheard of, and its popularity rapidly soared.


It is no surprise, and so, that Fuel 3D should be turning their focus towards education. The point and shoot SCANIFY is effortless adequate for actually the youngest students to use, and its low cost makes it low-priced for educators. Thanks to a new agreement with distributor the Douglas Stewart Company, SCANIFY can soon be revealing up in classrooms all over the United States, Canada and Europe.

dsc-logoThe Wisconsin-based Douglas Stewart Company and their European subsidiary, Douglas Stewart EDU, are primary distributors of educational products. With over 4,500 resellers in North America and a distribution network spanning additional than 37 countries in Europe, Douglas Stewart has may already played a sizeable-bodied role in getting 3D printing devices into classrooms through partnerships with companies like 3D Systems.

“Over the past five years, 3D printing device usage has seen explosive growth in education as schools and universities around the world adopt the technology,” said Lori Mercier, Douglas Stewart’s Managing Director for Europe. “Fuel3D’s SCANIFY provides tequiteers and students with a high-end, effortless-to-use 3D scanner and Douglas Stewart is uniquely positioned and qualified to assist requite the education markets through our broad range of EDU specialist resellers.”

The lightweight, transportable-bodied and effortless-to-use SCANIFY should commence students to a new facet of 3D printing, plus content generation for video game create, animation and actually virtual reality – all that are expected to play primary roles in the industries of the next.


Stuart Mead

“We are excited to partner with an built company like Douglas Stewart in the education sector,” said Stuart Mead, CEO of Fuel3D. “We believe that SCANIFY has impressive future to assist schools bring cutting edge 3D technologies and skills into the educational environment.”

The deal is big for both Fuel3D and those involved in Douglas Stewart, delivering the two together to encourage growth.

“Partnering with Fuel3D empowers us to provide our customers a primary 3D capture and imaging solution,” introduced Chuck Hulan, CEO of The Douglas Stewart Company. “3D scanning is an emerging technology that can assist encourage creativity and technology in the classroom. We’re excited to be able-bodied to provide students the tools they require to translate their creative vision into 3D objects, and assist bring the benefits of SCANIFY to classrooms across North America and Europe.”

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