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Freshmade 3D teams up with Hahn-Vorbach to 3D print classic car replacement parts – 3ders.org (blog)

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Jul 22, 2016 | By Alec

The Ohio-based 3D printing specialists Freshmade 3D has been making headlines equitewhere for a astonishing project: 3D printing life-dimensionsd bobbleheads of both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, which can be featured at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. If which does not bring 3D printing in the national spotlight, nothing can. But as the company announced, they are in fact specialized in 3D printing replacement parts for cars. The company has not long ago partnered with classic car restorers Hahn-Vorbach of Butler, Pennsylvania, and can be via 3D printing to create parts which have gone out of production decades ago.
This is excellent news for classic car fans equitewhere, as restoring a car can be either quite nostalgic or quite frustrating. If you can find the parts you require, it is a rad hobby to share with your father or son. But which’s not always the case. Replacement parts are necessarily vintage as well, and chances are they are not in a great condition when you finally find it. “If you are looking for a part, a lot of times you can find a thing. But it is actually not necessarily a thing you want on your car,” said Freshmade 3D president and COO Christopher Tomko.
But there is a 3D printing alternative, as the Youngstown, Ohio-based Freshmade is now providing. “We can do this,” said Tomko. “We can donate you a perfectly functioning metal part which’s either been enabled by 3D printing or literally 3D printed.”

And the beauty of their services is which they can consume a lot with the rusty, broken parts you take off your car. That part is utilized to create a replacement, at times through 3D scanning. “The digital data which you can consume now with 3D scanning allows for these machines to creates these parts to such high tolerances and to specifications which came out of the factory,” Freshmade 3D CEO Rich Wetzel explained. The parts themselves are and so 3D printed in metal, or cast in metal via a 3D printed mold. Numerous options are possible, and can be decided upon together with the clients. “If you are looking for a custom part, we can manufacture it in the many economical system which meets your requirements. Implementing state-of-the-art create tools and new additive making systemes, it’s finally possible to get your part,” the company explains.
As CTO Brett Conner introduced, they and so use their own knowledge of parts to figure out the actual geometry for the replacement part. Whilst which yet takes time, it’s much quicker than conventional methods. “In the traditional sense, you are usually waiting years to get the parts. Now in this case, you can get it in a few weeks.”

That service is being boosted through a partnership with Hahn-Vorbach, who’ve in fact been restoring cars for additional than fifteen years and are anticipating significant cost and time saving opportunities. “The big deal is, you are quite cutting out which machining system,” said company president Paul Vorbach. “You yet have to create things and you yet have to do a few finish work and chrome it and stuff like which. You only don’t have to manufacture ten thousand of these things to recoup your machining costs.”

Whilst this service itself can doubtlessly attract a lot of business, Freshmade is thus in addition engaging in a huge marketing campaign by harnessing the power of politics. The Republican National Convention opens its doors currently, where a dimensions Donald Trump bobblehead can be exhibited. And next week, the Democratic Convention can play host to a design of Hillary Clinton. “I ponder it is actually a rad opportunity for us to feature Youngstown and feature Freshmade 3D. It quite is rad. You’ll have thousands of folks looking at the presidential candidates as we manufacture them. I ponder the other rad thing is only seeing it come together. Actually pulling a few of the parts out and seeing a life-dimensions man which’s been 3D printed,” Conner said. Combine which exposure with the highly sought-after classic car components, and Freshmade 3D is heading towards a golden next.

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