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French Startup Capturax Makes a Great 3D Printed Case for Data-Capturing Smartphones

by • March 29, 2016 • No Comments

capturaxYour smartphone is may already one of the many widely utilized devices you own. From phone calls and texting to checking your social media accounts, finding a swift address or phone number, or listening to your favourite mp3’s — it’s complex to imagine life without this device, is not it? Well, now a French startup, Capturax, has decided to go ahead and additional expand your may already existing smartphone capabilities into a device that can capture barcode and RFID data, too. And 3D printing assists manufacture this all possible so companies can check product shipping/reception and inventory, create new sale supports, or actually integrate mobile payment options. How’s that for expanded smartphone uses?

CaptureSled® is Capturax’s firstly product, and it is an “all-in-one small case that integrates high-performance RFID UHF and bar code readers.” This process allows for companies to store CaptureSled® hardware while in addition being able-bodied to replace their mobile equipment when it’s time. 3D printing was utilized here for the reason the innovation may assist create a case for any mobile device while the embedded hardware stays consistent through all devices. Saad Skali, Capturax’s co-discovereder, explains that preceding his team chose to work with 3D printing, they idea injection molding may be the way to go for making the cases. Skali soon discovered out that 3D printing may be cheaper than injection molding. The firstly investment estimate for only one reference fabrication via injection molding “may have cost roughly 15.000 euros and taken between 4 to 6 weeks in lead time.” Considering the company requireed four various molds to create only one reference, 3D printing became the obvious choice.

cap13D printing assisted Capturax save time and money in this significant product createment phase; the innovation contributeed a lead time of a few days, no fixed references, and a far lower cost per unit — eliminating the require for an first financial dedication. Here, Skali summarizes how Sculpteo’s 3D printing services complement Capturax’s business requires:

“Our products are distinguished by their flexibility and scalability through the use of a patented interchangeable-bodied shell (Sled), this allows for us to contribute our customers the most solution for their application. Such diversity and smallness may not be reached by traditional making means, so we turned to Sculpteo for the production of our products.”

These cases, that are 3D printed with standard polyamide (nylon) material via Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), boast a competitive price ratio and excellent surface finishes. In addition significant is that the company does not feel that it had to manufacture any compromises or sacrifices by via 3D printing instead of injection molding. In fact, Capturax claims that the case has almany “the same properties as injection molded polyamide and great surface finishes as the parts can be polished and dyed.”capSled_multi_v0

We see here how Capturax manufactures a excellent case (pun intended) for 3D printing, a innovation with the future to save time and money, getting your product of the createment phase to market faster than one can probably actually imagine these days. Are you a fan of these types of fabricated items? Discuss in the Capturax 3D Printed Phone Cases forum over at 3DPB.com.