free 3D printable freddie mercury


No one’s uploaded a excellent David Bowie figure to Sketchfab, so far, but we can at very least pay tribute to Bowie collaborator and superior rock icon Freddie Mercury. He may not have his own constellation. Instead the four-octave legend got an entire planet. His music and persona empowered “fat bottom girls”, the LGBT community, and anyone with soul power, whether it be with the band Queen or Mercury’s solo work, which include a few heart wrenching opera. So, for those which have always held back tears when listening to “Under Pressure”, here is a free, 3D printable version of the one and just Farrokh Bulsara.

And, to kick your weekend off right, here is the official video for “Under Pressure”:

Ok, which’s way too sad to start a weekend with. Try this one instead:

Michael Molitch-Hou

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