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France’s Olympic Stadium Guarded by Giant 3D-Printed Lions – PSFK (blog)

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This mega-statue represents team spirit and the new face of making
Rob Kleiman 2 march 2016Design
A huge royal blue 3D-printed lion now sits at the entrance of the Parc Olympique in Lyon, France, the home stadium for the famed football club Olympique Lyonnais.

Measuring 13 feet high, 13 feet long, two feet wide, and weighing 1.6 tons, the big cat statue took just about 500 hours to 3D print and additional than 20 days of non-stop production. It in addition required another 600 hours of finishing and assembly. This project requires a notable amount of time and material, but it is exactly what makes additive making (3d printing) the ideal method for the job. The first 3D printed lion is just one of four mascots that can be utilized to decorate the stadium. The next three lions, to be painted, red, white, and gold (Olympique Lyonnais’ team colors), are expected to be accomplished between now and April, and can represent team spirit and a shift in making systemes.
It was generated by French company Drawn via its sizeable-format industrial 3D printing device called Galatea. Through a system called “3D printing by hot wire deposit,” the printing device laid successive layers rims, that naturally weld when heated. This robotic arm is one-of-a-kind in France and has just one other clone in the world.

Despite the machine’s competence to 3D print sizeable objects such as ready-made furniture, every huge lion requires 88 individual parts, 3D printed with fiberglass-reinforced ABS and assembled with screws. Drawn was first contacted by local architectural firm Naço. They’d procured the original 3D lion create of a Dutch createer named Marthijn of 3DWPStudio, and were looking for a 3D printing service that may scale it way up to decorate the stadium.
The team is already working on the 2nd 3D printed lion, that can be painted white, followed by the remaining two. Once finished, the mascots can stand facing every of the four cardinal directions, serving as a symbol of what can take place when advancement and spirit meet 3D printing technologies.
Photo of the founder of Drawn, Sylvain Charpiot.
Drawn | Naço | 3DWPStudio

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