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Formlabs launches Dental SG, the first biocompatible 3D printing resin for desktop digital dentistry – 3ders.org (blog)

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Apr 19, 2016 | By Kira
Resin 3D printing device and materials createer Formlabs has nowadays announced the release of Dental SG, a biocompatible 3D printing resin that can allow dental pros to hustle the boundaries of digital dentistry right of their computer desktops.
Dental SG, a certified biocompatible Class 1 material, was created specifically for creating high-precision surgical guides directly of 3D models, dramatically reducing turnaround times and costs synonymous with traditional dental surgeries. Made for use with Formlabs’ highly rated Form 2 SLA 3D printing device, Dental SG is marketed as the initially commercially on the market biocompatible resin for computer desktop 3D printing.

Dental 3D printing applications have been bringing off not long ago, with most notable breakthroughs in the past year alone. From a university student who saved thousands of dollars by 3D printing his own ‘Orthoprint’ teeth aligners, to 3D printed teeth that kill mouth bacteria, it is becoming clear that 3D printing can assist to dramatically improve our dental health while saving time and money.
Formlabs in particular has been working to manufacture 3D printed digital dentistry a reality for as most patients as possible. Recently, the company announced that dentists are may already via the Form 2 3D printing device to 3D print surgical guides, educational models, bleaching trays, retainers, bite guards, and other indispensable medical tools in as little as a few hours.

Other dentists, such as Dr. Travis Bellicchi of the Indiana University School of Dentistry, have turned to 3D printing for additional actually novel medical applications: via Formlabs 3D printing devices in his digital workflow, Dr. Bellicchi is creating accurate and customized dental prostheses. Most not long ago, he assisted rebuild a cancer patient’s face.
With Dental SG Resin, Formlabs hopes to additional expand the possibilities for dental 3D printing by building implant surgeries faster, additional exact, and ultimately additional effortless for the patients themselves.
Biocompatible surgical guides are significant for dental implant surgeries. Because they are patient-specific, they allow dentists to practice the exact placement of implants preceding the actual surgery takes place, increasing the likelihood that the implant can be placed properly.
“In my clinical practice, I place implants with ease and efficiency via a surgical guide,” said Dr. Scherer, who has implemented Formlabs 3D printing devices into his private dental practice. “No additional guessing, no additional figuring it out as we go, just digital precision.”

A key advantage of Formlabs’ Dental SG is that it was created specifically for computer desktop 3D printing devices—specifically, the $3,499 Form 2.
Whereas traditionally, 3D printing surgical guides has required larger-scale, pro 3D printing devices, that most dental laboratories do not have the budget nor the technical competence to operate, Dental SG allows for actually more compact dental labs to 3D print surgical guides affordably and on-demand. “The addition of Dental SG Resin is a game-changer,” said Dr. Scherer. “Gone are the days of the old-fashioned, gooey messy impression.”

In addition to revealing the commence of Dental SG, that is now on the market on Formlabs’ web keep, the company has in addition commenced updated formulations of its Clear, Black, Flexible and Tough 3D printing resins, and has commenceed the Materials Manager, a digital tool for tracking resin consumption and tank usage. By constantly expanding and improving its 3D printing materials portfolio, Formlabs is working to provide its wide range of customers—of consumers to medical pros—with the tools they require to create high high end 3D printed solutions.

“When practitioners and researchers have the competence and access to create amazingly exact tools for surgical applications, it opens up a new range of possibilities for the dental industry and for the medical science industry at large,” commenced Dávid Lakatos, Head of Product at Formlabs. “Formlabs is major the way in assisting to advance patient care by introducing solutions that enable personalized surgical planning and weight customization. Material technology, like with the introduction of Dental SG, is a key driver in expanding the adoption of digital dentistry powered by 3D printing.”
Watch the video at a lower place to see Dr. Michael Scherer discuss the possibilities and applications of 3D printed digital dentistry:

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