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Formlabs Announces Their First Biocompatible Resin for Professional Dental Work

by • April 19, 2016 • No Comments

  • When it comes to reliability and high end in the PC 3D printing device world, few can do it advantageous than the Form 2, the one-of-a-kind SLA printing device of the Massachusetts-based company Formlabs. Last week, at Inside 3D Printing New York, I sat down and talked to Formlabs engineer Ian Ferguson of what the company calls “the many high end PC 3D printing device at any time created”. Yesterday, Formlabs backed this statement up— and surely created really a few dentist smile— when they revealed their latest resin, Dental SG. The certified resin is their initially biocompatible Class 1 material engineered for the Form 2, and can allow dental professionals to 3D print surgical guides at a swift and low-cost rate.


    The Dental SG is specially created for high-precision drill guides, via digital scan data to prepare for implant surgeries. There are a number of other dental applications for the new biocompatible resin, that include educational models, bleaching trays, retainers, aligners, and additional. Formlabs is not only dumping off the resin to customers and bidding them a farewell, they’re in addition made to educate these professionals on why their innovation is suited for them. To assist inform future customers on the digital solutions that the Form 2 can contribute, Formlabs is providing an interesting report on “Digital Implantology with Desktop 3D Printing”, that comes with details on the following:

    • Advantages of CAD/CAM surgical guides

    • Clinical case via the Form 2

    • Dimensional tolerances of Dental SG Resin

    • Recommendations for incorporating PC 3D printing into your workflow


    For those looking to get a additional hands-on experience with the uses of the Dental SG, Dr. Michael Scherer can be holding a workshop in Mountain View, California, where he can use his Form 2 to feature the workflow and benefits of the new dental-driven resin. Dr. Scherer’s workshop can go over at any timey step of the system, that include intraoral scanning, software modeling, and 3D printing dental models and surgical guides. Part of what puts Formlabs ahead of the pack, especially with SLA PC 3D printing, is pretty the interesting and hands-on assist they donate alongside the Form 2 and their materials.

    Aside of the Dental SG, Formlabs has in addition revealed that they’ve improved formulations for their Clear, Black, Flexible, and Tough resins. Their materials, that may already provided exceptional results prior to the enhancement, are engineered to provide an optimized rapid prototyping experience. Formlabs has in addition only launched their Materials Manager, that can allow Form 2 users to track their resin consumption and tank usage, as well as easily switch between resins. Both the Dental SG resin and the newly formulated prototyping resins prove that Formlabs is intent on keeping their customers smiling, and the Form 2 ahead of the pack.

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