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FormFutura Rolls Out EasyCork Filament: Lightweight, Impact Resistant & No Warping

by • August 8, 2016 • No Comments

images (3)Whilst most in our day may be engaged in the pursuit of material things, bringing the form of innumerable items of cars to houses to jewelry, if you have become impassioned of 3D printing, that is most likely turned around as you are bit obsessed now instead just with actual materials and the fulfillment of in fact producing things. Much advantageous. And what’s future? That’s always a excellent question too for materials developer FormFutura.

There are numerous companies within the 3D printing industry just doing their job in providing the basics for consumers, contributeing up traditional, inexpensive
materials that are reliable and durable. That’s thoughtlly
necessary, but they don’t dish out half the excitement that the Netherlands-headquartered filament producer does. Consistently contributeing alternatives for the maker, FormFutura does additional than just donate food for your 3D printer: they inspire. Just one appear at all they’ve released in new months can have your createer’s mind spinning with excellent thoughts.

Experimenting is one thing, but if you are working on a specific project, we all understand the material is key. A easy ABS or PLA may not fill the bill for what you’ve got in mind. In that case, what you may want to amp it up to printing with bronze and copper. Or higher-performance thermoplastics with engineering projects in mind. We’ve actually seen wood filaments of FormFutura that contribute an authentic smell and texture.

UntitledNow, FormFutura is revealing the release of their newest material with EasyCork. One other PLA-based material, their new filament is based on 30 percent cork fibers, contributeing an amazingly high volumetric filling. And if you’ve been considering of attempting a new and additional alternative material that is versatile and eco-friendly, cork should most likely be at the top of your list. It contributes a warm appear, is impermeable to liquid (yes, ponder wine—but not too much ’cause we are yet working here!) and is, of course, quite lightweight.

“The effortless cork fillers in EasyCork can donate your printed object a ‘living’ appearance with quite subtle effortless linings and shades that can be reinforced by playing around with extrusion temperature variations during your 3D print,” said the FormFutura team.

Based on the FormFutura EasyFil PLA compound, EasyCork has been enhanced with cork fibers, binding agents, and modifiers—all of that allow you to begin innovating with ‘cork-like’ aesthetics. Not just is this a super lightweight material, it in addition of course allows for for impact resistance due to its effortless texture and qualities. You won’t experience any warping, due to the cork fibers, and can in addition appear forward to ‘excellent filament flowing behavior.’ This allows for you to fabricate a range of cork-like 3D printed models, which include various geometric shapes, at high printing speeds, with thoughtl first-and inter-layer adhesion. EasyCork in addition contributes an authentic cork smell, as well as feel.

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This is a material that appears to slowly be gaining steam as a additional talked about alternative. Whilst we haven’t seen an outpouring of technologys with cork yet, it has been involved in the create for functional items like 3D printed cork eyewear. New users should appear forward to ease in creating figurines, tiny household items, and far additional.

This new filament is on the market in both light and effortless dark colors, and can be ordered in either 1.75 mm or 2.85 mm spools. FormFutura in addition contributes samples if you’d like to check out a tinyer quantity of EasyCork. Other specs are as follows, and you can download the technical data sheet here.

Filament Net Weight:± 0.5 KgSpool Size (D x h):200 mm x 55 mmSpool Hub Diameter:52 mmCarton Box Size (L x W x H):200 mm x 200 mm x 60 mmPackaged weight1 Kg

Dedicated to the ‘life changing technology of 3D printing,’ FormFutura has pretty stuck to their undertaking in contributeing their man makers a wide array of materials to work with—and affordably so. Always focused on the thought that there is a maker within of equiteone, they see their materials as the foundation and assembling blocks for technology, acutely aware that what you select to print with is going to play a leading part in the result of your project. Are you interested in via cork? Discuss over in the EasyCork 3D Printed Filament forum over at 3DPB.com.