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FormBox creates 3D objects with the help of your vacuum cleaner

by • May 4, 2016 • No Comments

A 3D printer can let you whip up an infinite variety of objects at home, but it won’t make them rapidly
. The minds at Mayku ponder
they’ve got the solution, and it involves a bit of help from your vacuum cleaner.

Mayku is currently seeking crowdfunding for a device they’re calling the FormBox, and it sounds like the next must-have device for your at-home manufacturing setup. It’s a tabletop vacuum forming machine, and it gets the suction it needs from any vacuum which
can handle a hose attachment.

Formbox Animation

The FormBox makes it easy to mold three-dimensional objects. It works with just of
any kind of plastic, from the sturdy ABS which
makes Lego bricks so painful to step on to PVC and even acrylic. Heat up the sheet, fire up your vacuum, stick in the object you want to mold, pull the softened plastic down, and watch it take shape in an instant.

You can then pour in just of
any kind of free-flowing substance which
will firm up to make a finished product: chocolate, wax, silicone, plaster — even water if you want to make eye-catching ice creations.

So how much will your very own vacuum forming machine cost you? If you support the FormBox Kickstarter, a pledge of $349 will secure you one — though you won’t see it until May of 2017. You can make up for lost time once it shows up, though, and mold and cast objects like crazy: it comes with a kilogram of molding material to get you started.

Mayku says this is just the first home manufacturing device they’re going to offer. A desktop-scale injection molding machine and a CNC router are in addition
in the works.

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