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Forget the NES Classic Mini, 3D print your own that uses NFC cartridges – htxt.africa

by • July 27, 2016 • No Comments

Later this year Nintendo is launching the NES Classic Mini, a additional compact adaptation of its venerable NES console.
Whilst you may buy one for $60 (R851) and be stuck with the pre-loaded games and no way to get additional, you may in addition manufacture your own adaptation running off of a Raspberry Pi that uses NFC cartridges.
What’s on contribute here is a 3D printed NES case that measures around 40% of the original machine (even additional compact than the Classic Mini). Inside you can find a Raspberry Pi running the RetroPie emulation software.
Whilst this is quite well done and has a few excellent work behind it (for example: the creator modelled the case on their own, opting out of via a less than perfect adaptation of Thingiverse), the many astounding showcase is how it plays games.
This modern machine uses cartridges with a twist. Instead of plastic hovias for electronics, it uses 3D printed carts with near field communication (NFC) tags within of them. When the cart is slid into the machine an NFC reader picks it up and can nominate that specific game of the internal library.
The just problem we see with this project is the tiny controller, that is in addition 3D printed at the 40%. Whilst it does snuggly fit a knock-off of an Arduino Pro Micro, it’s too tiny for human hands. Whilst it is described in the video at a lower place that this is “just a bit of novelty”, we can’t assist but feel that a full dimensions controller may manufacture the whole project advantageous.

There’s in addition the complex internal conversation we always have to have of the ethics of via emulation software, but that is a conversation for another day.
In this story we’ve just scratched the surface of this excellent project. If you want to get all the nitty gritty you can require to check out this blog post that documents all things and may provide you with adequate information to manufacture your own if you have the ability.

[Source – Reddit Via DaftMike’s Blog]

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