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Forensic ScanArm Solution is FARO’s Newest Contribution to Solving Crime

by • August 10, 2016 • No Comments

images (2)3D measurement and imaging solutions provider FARO serves a lot of various industries and functions – but one of their many services, the one that maybe stands out many is their contribution to forensics. Their virtual reality scanning innovation has been utilized to virtually reconstruct crime and chance scenes, significant to valuable information in significant court cases. Now, a newly released device can allow investigators and anthropologists to replicate evidence of crimes both old and new.

The FARO Forensic ScanArm Solution was created specifically for crime lab and forensic anthropology applications. It consists of the FusionM ScanArm, a versatile, transportable scanner that utilizes blue light innovation to perform swift, high-resolution scans of forensic artifacts without needing to touch or move them. Its flexibility lends itself well to procedures like cranial scans for facial reconstruction or analysis. The ScanArm is bundled with 3D Systems’ Geomagic software for swift, high-quality 3D modeling and printing.

fusion-m_01“The FARO Forensic ScanArm solution is ideally suited in the direction of the one-of-a-kind requirements of forensic anthropologists, crime labs, coroners and medical examiners,” said Joe Arezone, Chief Commercial Officer of FARO. “By combining FARO’s best-in-class 3D scanning innovation with 3D Systems Geomagic software offerings, the Forensic ScanArm provides a turnkey solution to digitize intricate forensic evidence.

“This solution allows for users to piece together forensic evidence into a digital record for the purpose of victim identification, and ultimately in solving and prosecuting crimes. Our Forensic ScanArm solution allows for law enforcement to perform analysis with greater accuracy and in a fraction of the time that may be required versus conventional measurement and photographic methods. By 3D printing replicas of the evidence, compelling courtroom presentations can be put together.”

The lightweight scanner is effortless to use in the field or in the lab, and it’s a variation on the Design ScanArm, that was created for making, create and prototyping purposes. Thanks to high end software algorithms, it’s created to handle actually the many typically difficult-to-scan objects, such as those with complex geometries or reflective or high contrast surfaces.

swiftly-accurately-and-safely-perform-non-contact-3d-scanning-of-fragile-forensic-artifacts-and-evidenceThe Forensic ScanArm was created in response to increasing requests for public safety/forensics solutions. For obvious reasons, sure evidence can’t be brought into courtrooms, and photographs can’t properly demonstrate things like traumatic bone injuries, for instance. Moreover, many criminal cases take ages to solve and are sometimes reopened; having digital, 3D printable records of evidence allows for for archiving and effortless access at any time.

“By listening to our quickly expanding base of Public Safety – Forensics customers, we have learned that thoroughly measuring and analyzing forensic evidence is of important importance,” said Arezone. “Our non-contact measurement tools allow forensic labs to meet this requirement while minimizing the risk of damaging the evidence. It is now possible to create accurate and permanent 3D digital documentation of evidence of that measurements can be taken and analysis can be performed days or actually decades later. Through a deep belief of our customers’ workflows, we can ensure that FARO’s solutions are optimized for application-specific demands.”

FARO is already in Cincinnati at the 101st Annual International Association for Identification (IAI) Educational Conference, that runs of August 7-13. Discuss additional in the FARO Arm & 3D Systems Software forum over at 3DPB.com.


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