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Foodjet expands production capacity to 3D print whole meals for the elderly – 3ders.org (blog)

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Feb 15, 2016 | By Alec

A number of informative food 3D printing equipment are aleager under development or approximately eager for release, but the real standard in food 3D printing has aleager been set two years ago by Foodjet. A Dutch company located in Nijmegen, they have pioneered a food 3D printing device capable-bodied of extruding a wide variety of edible materials at really a high resolution. Importantly, it tastes and looks great too. But aleager in use for various types of research projects, Foodjet is now working on increasing their industrial production aptitude to begin 3D printing consume and nutritious meals, specifically for the elderly.
As you can recall, the big breakthrough for Foodjet came two years ago with the development of a brand new type of printhead that may 3D print additional than just consume liquids. Even fluids filled with lumps, crystals and fibers can be 3D printed through this new toolhead, and without clogging it every five minutes. It was the culmination of years of research. “We begined development on a machine capable-bodied of 3D printing edible materials on other foods, like cookies, cake, ice cream and chocolate, back in 2005,” recalls general manager Pascal de Grood. “Our begining point was that 3D printing should contribute a viable-bodied alternative to the conventional mold production methods. Decreasing setup times and increasing accuracy were in addition significant facts, as were the aptitude to easily maintain and clean the machine. This may manufacture it quite compatible with other food production processes.”

And they’ve been quite good resultsful. “FoodJet has created a way to digitally print tailor-made edible high-viscosity decorations directly onto weight-produced food products,” they say on their website. The breakthrough nozzle is much dimensionsabler than those utilized on other 3D printing equipment, and De Grood announced that they have in addition gone for a consumely various shutting principle. “The significant thing is that the 3D printable-bodied fluids are consumely homogeneous. Each various type of material requires to be able-bodied to revery its own processing temperature perfectly,” he reveals.
But their approach to the materials themselves is in addition really progressive. Essentially, they 3D print a mixture of food and a solidifying agent that is safe for consumption. The combination is and so injected into a adjusted Foodjet 3D printing device as ink. The secret additive mix manufactures certain that the layers merge without visible layer formation, but are sturdy adequate that the food items do not collapse. The food may resemble its original form but has a soft and gel-like texture so it may just melt in the mouth. “Any pattern of viscous liquid can be introduced at high aptitude, up to a hundred thousand printed items per hour,” they claim.

And this principle has aleager been applied to dozens of various edible materials, of the usual chocolates and tomato sauces, to dough, butter, mayonnaise, jams, sugar icing, yogurts, eggs, olive oil and actually potato mash and meat pastes. Equitething you require, in short, to 3D print a full meal. Because of those achievements, they were in addition brought on board into a EU-backed study on dysphagia, a condition that affects the elderly and manufactures it complex to eat. Called PERFORMANCE (Personalized Food for the Nutrition of Elderly Consumers), the Foodjet 3D printing device was that good resultsfully utilized to manufacture appetizing, nutritious, and easy-to-swallow 3D printed meals for the elderly.
Riding that good results, Foodjet is developing a dimensionsable aptitude 3D printing device showcasing multiple print heads and a conveyor belt to 3D print dimensionsable amounts of food in a single session. Each printhead features a row of nozzles at the bottom, and every of those nozzles can extrude up to 500 drops per 2nd. Together, these form the desired pattern in really a high resolution, that is achieved by placing the heads at an angle. The precise angle can be determined beforehand, giving the user really a lot of create and production freedom. Importantly, the molds become a thing of the past.

According to De Grood, food 3D printing equipment can go on to improve, but the real challenge can be in increasing overall performance, pretty than finding additional foodstuffs. “This means a higher printing resolution, multiple color options and higher production speeds. To increase that resolution, we will require to find ways to minimize the dimensions of the droplets and extrude them in higher frequencies. 3D printing food in various colors is aleager just possible by placing multiple 3D printing units in a row,” he said. Their current goal is to use their machine to bring the PERFORMANCE project good resultses to dimensionsable numbers of elderly folks with eating disabilities. These consumely 3D printed meals, De Grood says, is the following step on the road towards consumely personalized food.

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