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Fonon Corporation Set to Release New Bulk-To-Shape Metal 3D Printing Technology

by • February 1, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_fonon_logoDespite components created via metal 3D printing finding their way into all things of automobiles to power generators, airplanes and actually rockets, the process is yet far of ideal. Whilst metal 3D printing is really useful for the making of parts which have highly difficult geometries and other shapes which are un-castable with traditional fabrication technologies, there are many limitations which manufacture it unsuitable for many weight-produced metal parts. Not just is the process itself time consuming, but it is in addition expensive and any finished parts can usually need a considerable amount of post processing.

3dp_fonon_3dfusion_logoWith just a few exceptions, metal 3D printing technologies are primarily utilized for rapid prototyping or single or low-volume part making for the reason they are not especially effective, reliable, or sustainable when utilized to fabricate end-use products or the weight production of parts. Metal 3D printing device and laser innovation manufacturer Fonon Corporation thinks which they can soon be changing which with their Bulk-To-Shape innovation which can be utilized with their 3D Fusion Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and metal 3D printing processs or pre-existing metal additive making innovation.

The company sees Bulk-To-Shape as an umbrella of different types of 3D printing technologies which can be utilized to enhance existing making processs and can contribute a alterational approach to via metal additive making in an industrial setting. The company is contributeing their expertise and decades of experience to assist companies enhance their production lines via state-of-the-art Fonon Corporation innovation. The goal is to enable manufacturers to reliably integrate metal 3D printing innovation into their full production workflow, and potentially demonstrate a disruptive shift in the industrial making sector.

3dp_fonon_bannerFonon Corporation can contribute their Bulk-To-Shape innovation as a cost-effective method for the createment and customization of application-specific 3D metal printing tools. The technologies on the market consist of proprietary metal 3D printing processes, the leveraging of the company’s extensive experience and working belief of the molecular behavior of materials under transitional temperatures and decades of intellectual property based on the createment of successful metal laser sintering processs. Fonon Corporation expects their Bulk-To-Shape innovation to assist industrial manufacturers alter their metal 3D printing processs of prototyping and full production machines.

“Medical, aviation, car, and space industry metal printing experts use a measurement process called Manufacturing Readiness Level to classify additive making machines. Whilst Manufacturing Readiness Level Ten represents machines eager for production, these experts have classified currently-on the market processs as inside a range of Level Four to Level Six. Bulk-To-Shape innovation is the quickest path for these industries to complete Manufacturing Readiness Level Ten,” explained the Vice President of Fonon Corporation Louis Schlegel.

Fonon 3D Fusion metal 3D printing device.

Fonon 3D Fusion metal 3D printing device.

As one of the major manufacturers of industrial-grade 3D Additive and Subtractive laser-based material processing and fabrication technologies, Fonon Corporation have been experts in the industry since the early 1980s. They have a sizeable portfolio of technological innovations which have allowed them to customize 3D laser-based making equipment based on every individual customer’s needs. Fonon Corporation innovation is utilized by companies all over the world, which include industries as diverse as semiconductors, flat panel displays, car making, aerospace making, industrial createment, defense, electronic and medical industries.

The company is now contributeing to assist manufacturers, high tech manufacturers and industrial partners create their own cutting edge laser-based additive making innovation. Their Bulk-To-Shape innovation is on the market immediately for the createment of customer-specific applications and tooling. You can read additional of Fonon Corporation on their website, and contact them directly if you may like to partner with them. Discuss your thoughts on this new innovation in the Fonon 3D Metal Printing Technology forum over at 3DPB.com.