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Focus on Virtual Reality: HP to Release Sprout Pro in February, Retailing at $2199

by • January 18, 2016 • No Comments

images (4)Whilst it may seem to many that it was only yesterday HP was revealing their entry into the 3D market, as well as promoting their immersive new PC PC called Sprout that offers an entire, integrated 3D ecoprocess–a new release is may already here, in the form of the Sprout Pro.

Whilst speculation may abound regarding HP on numerous levels–of huge reorganization to what they are in fact going to create in terms of industrial 3D printing, to whether they can buy Stratasys–one thing is certain: users are enjoying the PC Sprout, and we’ve seen a few somehow rad, and difficult innovations taking place, along with dynamic new partnerships such as that with Dremel, as they work extra
to expand their capabilities for users with options like the Dremel 3D Idea Builder.

With the Pro, users can be able-bodied to enjoy all the same showcases of the previous, convenient all-in-one PC, many especially the touch-sensitive mat and the utilitarian arm extending out of the PC monitor. Now yet, HP is focusing heavily on a newer and hotter market and integrating it into the Sprout, via virtual and augmented reality with headsets and their 23.6-inch Zvr monitor, enabling one to modify objects in 3D with a stylus-like pointer and 3D glasses. This comes, of course, on the heels of many contemporary tech titans delving into VR in addition, like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

20151121_hpi_11_c_i7v3180-100638499-primary.idge (1)Similar to so many other 3D printing manufacturers, they can in addition be targeting the educational process and relying on students to come up with a few informative creations and uses for the machines.

The blending of worlds is a logical choice for the Sprout process, as that’s part of its allure may already, enabling for amazing versatility and the blending of PC, 3D scanning, and 3D printing, and extra
. The touch mat actually offers elimination of the traditional keyboard, enabling one to use it with virtual keys projected on the surface by the extending arm, responsible for such duties and much extra
. Use of the mat has completely revolutionized scanning as well, enabling for items to be entered in 3D on the mat with easy turning, coloring, and cropping as needed.

With Sprout Pro, either Autodesk’s Meshmixer or Microsoft’s 3D Builder software can be utilized for exporting of images that can and so be 3D printed. From the Pro, they can in addition be utilized in digital create, as well as being converted into .obj files if the users are interested in createing games or 3D worlds, delving into virtual reality.


The Pro offers the future specs:

Intel’s latest Core i7 processor, code-named SkylakeNvidia GeForce GT 945A graphics processor1TB of storage8GB of DDR4 memory802.11ac wifiBluetooth 4.0Two USB 3.0 portsHDMI 1.4 slotEthernet port

With this latest release and all of the extra
tools being provided for users in terms of fabrication of beginning to end, HP go ons to march forward in creating a full-range 3D printing, scanning, and create process. As the process is so new, it can be informative to see what they go on to expand and surprise us all with. This latest release ships future month and is sold starting at $2199. We should assume to see it in hundreds of schools as well.

[Source: ComputerWorld]