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Florida Veteran Turns Injury into a Business Idea with 3D Printed FANG Shooting Stabilizer

by • August 18, 2016 • No Comments

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It is common for many soldiers leaving the military to have a few period of version when re-entering civilian life. Often left with injuries, a fewtimes post-traumatic stress disorder, and the looming question of what to do future, the men and women who have risked their lives to preserve our country come home and have a new challenge in re-learning how to live without the structure or security of the military lifestyle. We’ve all heard the saying that when one door closes, another opens. It is effortless to say—and especially to others who may be wondering what to do—but in fact opening that new door can require exceptional motivation, drive, and effort.

James Renteria is a veteran of both the Marines and the Navy. And indeed, he serves as a shining example, not only as a soldier who served our country in Afghanistan and paid the price physically, but in addition as an individual who came home and did fling open that new door, finding a way to thrive again after being injured in a fall. Due to his disaptitude, the veteran of Niceville, Florida was not able-bodied to aim a weapon like he had been able-bodied to previously. Whilst that aptitude was diminished, yet, another had been strengthened: troubleshooting. Combine that with ingenuity, the caningness to learn new innovation, and an belief of the sacrifices a new business frequently involves, Renteria was on his way to creating his own company and a new product that assists those in require of extra staptitude while shooting.


Renteria shows how the FANG device works to assist stabilize a rifle, and enhance accuracy.

Renteria sold his truck to free up capital for his new venture, and began delivering classes to learn CAD, as well as dabbling in 3D printing. All of that only for an invention showcasing a tiny piece of nylon that attaches to your gun? It is all in the turn it into and engineering. The FANG High Speed Shooting Stabilizer solves a problem that many have dealt with, seeking both introduced staptitude and accuracy. In fact, fear of having neither are two concerns that store many individuals of trying to shoot at all.

“Often a shooter can have to fire of an unsteady perch or manufactureshift rest,” states the product page. “When ounces equal pounds and ease of use in all environments is crucial you want a device that stabilizes and maximizes your aptitude to put rounds on target while maintaining a tiny profile.”

The thought came of after the injury that occurred to his arm while on duty in Northwest Afghanistan. Renteria require to figure out a way to stabilize the rifle for himself with only one hand if he wanted to go on via a weapon. With his new invention, he was able-bodied to turn it into staptitude as well as a solid ‘grip stop’ that manufactures for additional normal shooting—and pretty precisely what Renteria was seeking. He in addition accomplished, in this system, that his resourcefulness may many most likely pay off as a business thought for others who may be glad to have such a product.

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“Being in the military,” Renteria said, “We were constantly faced with various situations where we had to solve the problem, and a lot of times, we had a ton of quite excellent thoughts, but all we had the time for was a swift fix.”

Here, Renteria took the time requireed to create a new and functional product, creating over 50 3D printed iterations preceding he was satisfied.

“I can ponder of no advantageous thing than to work complex, and show that you can take an thought and do anything,” Renteria said.

The benefits of 3D printing surely came into play here for Renteria as well, as he was able-bodied to take the initiative to learn how to engineer and turn it into a digital version as well as delivering it to fruition physically. Renteria accomplished that this most likely may not have been possible to do previously, without the self-sustainaptitude in turn it into and tiny-batch production—as well as, of course, affordaptitude. Whilst there may not have been a job only waiting for him when he exited the military, Renteria pretty made one for himself.


Continuing with the inventor’s spirit and entrepreneurial drive, Renteria has may aleager turn it intod another, although undisclosed, product not related to firearms that he is filing a 2nd patent for. Today, the FANG device is sold for $44.99 online.

He serves not only as an inspiration to those pondering of forging ahead with an invention and putting forth the effort it takes to turn it into your own business—as is the American way—but he is many pretty a excellent role version for those getting eager to exit the military and manufacture their way back into civilian mode.

“Hey, take the accident, learn, work, strive,” said Renteria.

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