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Fix your messy face with this 3D printed beard comb from Fully Bearded – 3ders.org (blog)

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Aug 16, 2016 | By Benedict
Hatch Innovations, a trio of talented createers and manufacturers of Salina, Kansas, has utilized 3D printing to turn it into a one-of-a-kind beard comb. The Knuckled Comb of Fully Bearded showcases four finger holes, is created entirely in the U.S., and is cast in urethane resin of a 3D printed mold.

You’ve many likely noticed the trend: beards, eachwhere. Long or short, groomed or bushy, voluminous facial hair hasn’t been this talked about since the stone age, and the craze is not going to be trimmed down to dimensions anytime soon. You can be a fan of the beard; you can not; you can not be able-bodied to grow a beard, for one reason or another. What many can agree on, yet, is that beards require care: you can’t only leave a beard alone, or you can end up additional Chuck Noland than Jon Snow.
Trimming is essential, conditioning is versional, but the thing that can quite manufacture the difference between run-of-the-mill face fuzz and a true lion’s mane is a high-quality beard comb. Don’t have one? Keep the razor at bay for now, for the reason Fully Bearded, a product of Kansas-based Hatch Innovations, is releasing its one-of-a-kind Knuckled Comb, that was created via a few clever 3D printing techniques.

Less than a year ago, a trio of friends attended the Make48 invention competition, where they were inspired to form their own create company. Hatch Innovations was born shortly thereafter, and the company is now bringing a product that is certain to satisfy the bearded percentage of the population. After reeling off over 50 prototypes on a Duplicator i3 3D printing device, Hatch finally settled on the ideal create, that was created into a mold via a Stratasys PolyJet.
3D printing, the many manly form of making, was utilized at virtually each step of the create and createment system. Choosing the 3D printed mold, the Hatch team was able-bodied to cast urethane resin prototypes, that were and so adorned with a branded leather insert attached with a 3D printed jig. Even the brass branding iron utilized to turn it into the logo on the leather insert was created of a 3D printed cast.

In order to get its amazing business venture expanding faster than Gandalf’s chin plumage, Hatch are launching a Kickstarter campaign (not yet live) a few time this month. Early Bird backers of the campaign can be able-bodied to secure a Knuckled Comb for only $12, while 3D printing enthusiasts can be able-bodied to get the CAD files for $5, should they wish to print their own. Other versions include comb/oil combo deals ($21), Fully Bearded t-shirts ($25), and a 30X comb retail version that comes with a super-cool metal stand ($350). Should the campaign hit its target of $25,500 (subject to change), donateies can begin in December 2016.

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