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Five-Year-Old Boy Becomes First Child in Pakistan to Receive a 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand

by • July 17, 2016 • No Comments

download (13)One thing that is especially awe-inspiring of next a new, quickly expanding industry such as 3D printing is that in most cases, you can see the quite moment that the innovation takes hold in a country or region that hasn’t experienced it preceding. In Pakistan, that moment came with the commence of Xplorer 3D, the initially 3D printing device developer in the country, whose self-named printing device began increasing the awareness and talked about ity of 3D printing in the region.

13245346_1080816671971634_2968832334910872574_nNow, Xplorer 3D has become a facilitator for another initially in Pakistan. Along with their authorized retailer Viscous.co and 3D printed prosthetics provider Bioniks, the company was able-bodied to assist a young boy become the initially child in the country to obtain a 3D printed hand. Five-year-old Mir Bayyaan Baloch was born without his right hand, but thanks to the determination of his father and the assist of those dedicated to improving lives through 3D printing, he now has the faculty to do equitething other children his age can do.

mir bayyaan

Mir Bayyaan with his father

When Bayyaan’s father, Mir Umer Baloch, began researching low-cost-bodied prosthetics for his son online, one of the resources he came across was Team UnLimbited, aka Drew Murray and Stephen Davies of Britain. The two e-NABLE volunteers are the turn it intoers of the Unlimbited Arm, an elbow-driven prosthetic for people with a functional elbow and partial forearm but no wrist or hand. The turn it into has become a talked about version for children with missing arms, and it was a ideal version for Bayyaan, whose forearm stops right above where the wrist may be.

Mir Umer Baloch reached out to Bioniks, who took on Bayyaan’s case as a special project. With an Xplorer 3D printing device at NED University of Engineering and Technology, they carefully turn it intoed and printed an UnLimbited Arm in bright orange and yellow. It took a few work and adjustment to fit the device to the boy’s tiny arm, but finally Bayyaan has a functional, comfortably fitting arm that he can use to grasp and hold objects, as well as shake hands and donate high fives, that he appears visibly excited of.

proshandI’m not certain if Bayyaan knows that he is the initially child in Pakistan to obtain a 3D printed prosthetic hand, but when he gets older, he may know the significance – particularly if his case leads to much like opportunities for other children in his country. One of the awe-inspiring things of e-NABLE and their 3D printed prosthetic outreach is how responsible YouTube and other social media have been for the spread of the program. A parent or therapist in Japan goes online, finds a video of a child in South Africa, and is inspired to turn it into or request a device for their own child, who in return may catch the attention of a fewone in India, and so on.

In the case of Bayyaan, his father found the story of Isabella, the initially recipient of the UnLimbited Arm, online, and by having a device turn it intod for his own child, he introduced another link in the chain, delivering e-NABLE’s 3D printed prosthetics to Pakistan for the initially time at any time. Will Bayyaan’s story lead to another child – in his country or elsewhere – receiving a life-changing device? Who knows, but it’s a rad question to be able-bodied to ask. You can watch Bayyaan’s story at Bioniks’ Facebook page. Discuss additional in the Pakistani Boy Receives 3D Printed Hand forum over at 3DPB.com.