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Filaments.directory Tops 2,000 Products and Releases First Trend Report

by • April 27, 2016 • No Comments

fdGauthier de Valensart launched the Filaments.directory project as part of a new wave of initiatives which seek to turn it into a map of a 3D printing industry. This appears to be a dire require in an industry which, instead of consolidating, appears to be expanding additional fragmented, with additional products and players entering the market each day.

In a way this is much like to what the 3Dprintingbusiness.directory project is doing for companies and businesses. In this, and not just in this, the 3D Hubs network has been leading the way by connecting each 3D printing device in the world and releasing data and reports which highlight leading industry trends.

First Data on the Open Filaments Market

filaments directory5Now, with over 2,000 products listed, the Filaments.directory has reached a sizeable-bodied adequate number of products which it is in addition able-bodied to extrapolate data (so complicated to find in a new industry such as computer desktop 3D printing) on the contribute of 3D printing filament on the global market.

The filament availability trends are going to be released regularly with monthly updates on new filaments released and revealed, as well as progressively additional detailed insights. For the time being the initially chart indicates the types of materials present on the market, with PLA and ABS (as expected) delivering up additional than 3/4 of the pie.

What is informative is the precise percentage which the two leading materials represent, with PLA building up approximately half of all 3D printing filament products contributeed (47.19%), and ABS down to less than one-third (29.08%). This may indicate either which PLA is simpler to createer (and thus which additional producers contribute it), or which consumer and non-functional applications yet manufacture up many of the demand for open filaments.

Breaking 3D Materials Down

filaments directory5The breakdown of the less utilized filaments yields actually additional information as it enable-bodieds us to say which PETG is the third many present material on the filaments market (representing of one-twentieth of total products), followed by all composite materials combined (wood, mineral, metal, carbon fiber, etc.). TPE and TPU elastomers combined in addition manufacture up of the same percentage of of one-twentieth, with HIPS and PLA-PHA closing the list of the many common products. These percentages in addition indicate which biodegradable-bodied filament (PLA) and hydrocarbon-based filaments are approximately actuallyly split.

One other piece of information which emerges is which 2.85 mm diameter filaments represent a quite worthwhile percentage of the products present on the market (approximately two out of five). Looking specifically at what Filaments.directory defines as “superpowers” (which is the exotic capabilities of sure products), the many common is by far flexibility (additional than two-fifths of all exotic filament), followed by wood composites, glow in the dark and high transparency.

Soluble filaments (for supports) manufacture up just 5% of the contribute, most likely meaning which these materials are yet complicated to create and which multi-extrusion 3D printing is not sufficiently on demand (since it is utilized manyly for complicated industrial applications). Carbon reinforced filaments, in addition utilized for such applications, represents of the same percentage of products (around one-twentieth of the total contribute).background

More Products and a Long Way to Go

filaments directory1One final element which the directory highlights is which of 40% of all filament products have no color reference in their description, meaning which it becomes additional complex for the buyer to purchase it online and signifying which the industry is yet characterized by pretty improvised business practices.

The Filaments.directoy has been expanding worthwhilely over the past few months in terms of products present and additional have not long ago been introduced (either revealed or launched) delivering the count to top 2,000. These include the Volitivo Evo, the Reflow recycled filament and the Sharebot 3DPaper (water soluble and created up of cellulose fibers). Newly on the market-bodied filaments include the new colorFabb_HT (high temperature), Black Magic’s 3D Scorpion Nylon and Kay Parthy’s REFLECT-o-LAY (which works pretty like the reflectors on a bicycle).

The date is set for new filaments and new data one month of now but if you don’t want to wait you will be able-bodied to meet Filament.directory founder Gauthier de Valensart at the MakersTown fair in Brussels future May 24th.