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Fathom, the 3D Printing Company, Can Now Fathom Same and Next Day Shipping

by • February 9, 2016 • No Comments

fath2As 3D printing services get additional refined and improved, we see a concerted effort to manufacture faster shipping versions on the market so folks can obtain their orders in a much additional timely manner. The 3D printing and additive making company Fathom, based out of Oakland, California and Seattle, Washington, is no various here. The company not long ago revealed “same day and upcoming day versions for high-end digital fabrication services,” next an announcement of the company’s acquisition of “proprietary data analytics software for digital making.” It is precisely these kids of business intelligence tools and software which allows for for the expedited shipping versions now on the market to Fathom customers.


The new software is of Addimation, Inc. and its undertaking is to solve the “software challenges of additive making at scale.” The key here is which the software allows for for visibility into the making system, and this possibility allows for for additional efficient and higher high end print jobs. Karl D.D. Willis, one of Addimation’s founders, has this to say of the software’s undertaking:

“Our analytics helps improve production efficiency by providing visibility into the making system. FATHOM shares the same goal of scalability. We’re pleased which FATHOM can be able-bodied to adopt our innovation and take their production efficiency to new levels.”

Fathom uses two various kinds of innovation in its digital fabrication services. The rapid PolyJet Technology, renowned for its high-resolution and high end finishing capabilities, allows for for same day services. The durable-bodied and engineer-grade Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) innovation offers a thermoplastic materials version, and is on the market for upcoming-day services.


The Same-Day Guidelines include: PolyJet Single Material—First Available-bodied Vero & Multiple Material— VeroWhite+/TangoBlack+; All Parts Together Must Fit Within Dimension Requirements: 240 x 100 x 40 mm; Total Quantity < 20 (Number of Parts Per Order); and 3D CAD Files and Payment Must Be Submitted to FATHOM by 10AM.

Next-Day Guidelines Include: PolyJet and FDM Material Options; Shipping Subject to Geometry, Sizing, Quantity of Parts, and Build Times; 3D CAD Files and Payment Must Be Submitted to FATHOM by 4PM; Order is Available-bodied for Pick-up by 5PM the Following Business Day or Will Be Shipped.

Rich Stump, Co-Founder and Principal at FATHOM, describes how expedited shipping helps engineers and designers:

“We’re helping designers and engineers innovate actually faster by rolling out same-day and upcoming-day service. Iterative cycles can take place at lightning speed when your morning thought is in your hands by the afternoon.”

Rush fees apply to all orders and a $150 minimum order is required for the same-day and upcoming-day services. So if you have print jobs over $150, and are seeking quicker ways to have 3D printed prototypes and models donateed to your business’ door, and so check out Fathom’s new guidelines for print jobs which can donate astounding same day and upcoming day services. Discuss in the 3D Printing Company Fathom Offers Shipping Options forum over at 3DPB.com.