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One of the worthwhile drawbacks to 3D printing is the time it takes to fabricate an object. And, for the reason not eachone has access to the innovation, they may end up relying on a third party to create parts for them, manufacturing the time it takes to acquire a print actually longer. 3D printing studio FATHOM, yet, is trying to tackle this issue with same-day and next-day options for the firm’s digital fabrication services.


With production centers in Oakland and Seattle, FATHOM offers customers same-day shipping and pick-up (by 5pm), as well as next-day shipping and pick-up (by 5 pm) alongside their standard delivery options. Rather than order a weight manufactured part, this donates prototyping designers and engineers the competence to acquire their own custom creations in the same day. Essentially, this one-ups Amazon’s own same-day prime delivery with the fish customization power of 3D printing.

3D printed comb with vero white and tango blackAs powerful as this may be, these services are not open to each 3D printing innovation which FATHOM offers. Same-day is limited to PolyJet 3D printing in single-material Vero and multi-material VeroWhite+/TangoBlack+. Orders for same-day shipping ($150 minimum) must in addition be placed by 10 am, fit inside a 240mm x 100mm x 40mm create envelope, and include less than twenty parts per order and can be subject to rush fees.

3D printed polyjet part from stratasysNext-day is expanded slightly to include PolyJet for single-material TangoBlack+, VeroWhite+, VeroBlack+, VeroClear, ABS-Like, and multi-material VeroWhite+/TangoBlack+, as well as FDM printing for ABSplus/M30 (White), PC (White), ASA (White), PC-ABS (Black), and Nylon12 (Black). In addition limited to orders of $150 or additional, next-day orders must be submitted by 4 pm and are “Subject to Geometry, Sizing, Quantity of Parts, and Build Times”, and in addition incurring rush fees.

Outside of these services, FATHOM in addition 3D prints in a wide variety of materials for PolyJet, FDM, SLS, and DMLS with standard lead times. And, while those expedited orders may have a few significant caveats, like the innovation and materials utilized, this is a worthwhile improvement for delivery times. For engineers working on time-sensitive projects to the eccentric artist who must have their vision in their palms by nightfall, these options may be ideal for anyone in require of swift 3D printing services. Who knows, perhaps when Carbon 3D’s CLIP innovation or Carima’s C-CAT system come online, FATHOM can be able-bodied to get prints to their clients actually additional rapidly. And, as the innovation improves, they’ll actually donate Amazon a run for their money.

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