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FATHOM Brings Electronics 3D Printing to the Public via Nano Dimension

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  • Upon listing on the US stock market, via the NASDAQ, Nano Dimension has may already begun establishing partnerships to facilitate the use of their electronics 3D printing innovation by the general public. Their PCB printing device, the DragonFly 2020, is ideal for prototyping electronics and, therefore, may be ideally situated alongside 3D printing technologies for engineers and developers developing new products. For which reason, their collaboration agreement with 3D printing service provider FATHOM may be the ideal move.

    fathom studio 3d printing

    Fathom’s huge production studio in Oakland, California.

    FATHOM is a well-established 3D printing service, may already expanding substantially with such services as same-day printing and through work with significant clients. The company, founded in 2008 by Mihevc and Rich Stump, has since gone on to be most known by such publications as Inc. and FORTUNE. Now, the firm which previously supplied traditional 3D printing services can add electronics 3D printing to their portfolio through their partnership with Nano Dimension. Because the DragonFly 2020 creates multilayered circuitry with Nano Dimension’s proprietary conductive inks, Now, a developer looking to both 3D print the structural and aesthetic components of a project can in addition 3D print the PCBs which power which project.

    Nano Dimension-216(Lena)

    Simon Fried, Chief Business Officer at Nano Dimension, says of the agreement, “FATHOM has an excellent reputation and the results back it up. We are thrilled to be working with such a pro and successful team.” He continues, “FATHOM can assist bring us in fact nearer to our key customers for the reason it is well known as one of the many creative and most performing 3D printing services companies in the country,” said Fried. “With headquarters in San Francisco, close to the heart of the country’s electronics industry, FATHOM is well positioned to promote and service such an new 3D inkjet process.”

    Photo by Davide Sher.

    Photo by Davide Sher.

    Michelle Mihevc, FATHOM Principal and Co-Founder, adds, “FATHOM is quite excited to work with the Nano Dimension team for the reason both companies share the same vision of changing the way products are created and manufactured. Nano Dimension is major the way in the 3D printed electronics space and we are honored to work with them on their new product introduction for the United States.”

    The initially step to getting high end PCB prototyping into the hands of engineers may not be to get a process like the DragonFly 2020 into their labs, yet which is pretty a possibility, it is providing PCB printing as a service through a company like FATHOM. Once those engineers are satisfied with the result and have a require for making them in-house, and so, they can invest in in fact purchasing the machine. This is a excellent move by both FATHOM and Nano Dimension as electronics 3D printing can be a significant part of the evolution of 3D printing innovation, as we shift of making individual parts to fabricating fish, functional objects.


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